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To a series of Stubbings Jake Moscow seventeen group on, YouTube it features, Twenty-three-year-old, city Kamara known as. Incognito he was stabbed to death in south London on, Wednesday the killing has again drawn attention to drill, music a controversial genre of rap known for its violent lyrics and videos depicting groups of masked, youths, glorifying a criminal. Lifestyle early this, year the metropolitan police Commissioner Cressida dick called on social media platforms to take down, videos glamorizing, violence but many remain online and on discovering its brands were being advertised alongside such content on. YouTube MAs decided to act a spokesperson said it was unacceptable and disappointing and. Confirmed all the company's YouTube advertising had been. Suspended other companies are reported to be considering similar, action Donald Campbell's jet powered. Boat Bluebird is due to take the water for the first time since the crash that killed him move and v Fifty years ago Bluebird will undergo trials this morning on knock Fudd. On the Butte a team has spent the. Past seventeen years, restoring the craft which was selfish. From Coniston water in, the lake district Donald Campbell was attempting to break his own speed record and had reached more than three hundred miles an hour when Bluebird flipped over broke. Up and, sank his, daughter Gina says be strange to see someone else in the. Pilot's seat depression I've ever seen, in my dad but I've got to grow up, and move on and that's that's, how life is and it will. Be quite amazing and I think thrill everybody involved and everybody's to witness it Police in Denmark. Have handed out, the first fine for violating a. New law banning face, coverings in public to a woman wearing a niqab they were called to shopping center in the city of hers home north of Copenhagen to deal with a. Scuffle when, another woman, tried to remove the twenty eight year old's face fail the. Police charge both with disturbing the, peace and find the woman with the niqab about, one hundred and twenty pounds the. Law which came into effect on. Wednesday Benz all face coverings including ski-masks and even false bids Tennis Andy Murray has pulled out of his quarter-final. The Washington open saying he feels exhausted, Murray who, was playing in his, third tournament since hip surgery was due to play the Australian and it's. Manure he said he would now focus on preparing for the Cincinnati masters which, starts in Monday's time the time is nine minutes past several young men. With down syndrome has been shot dead by police he'd been holding a toy. Gun in Sweden Maddie savage is journalists base there good morning Mattie what happened exactly well this is a highly unusual case that's raising not of questions here in Sweden what we know is that this. Nine Eric Taurel you have severe disabilities he could barely speak was staying at his father's apartment in central Stockholm. He wanted out onto the streets alone about four in the morning on Thursday and he took with him a toy gun that he'd got as present he ended up being shot by police taken to hospital pronounced dead shortly afterwards and according, to the chief, prosecutor carrying, out the preliminary investigation He was hit by more than one office says now. Police say, they showed it Eric because of a threatening. Situation it seems like that he was armed with a real weapon to give you. A bit of context on this area this is usually a very safe middle class neighborhood pack to red and. Yellow Neo renaissance buildings it's not the kind of place that shootings might usually take place another. Crucial detail it wasn't dog the sun comes up at four thirty in the morning here in stock. Claim at the moment so questions being raised, about. White lease press couldn't tell. The gun, was, a toy? And. Whether, or not they were aware of Eric's disabilities do we know anything about the. The so-called weapon it's helped me did, it looked, like a toy gun, did it do we know anything budget I mean his mom has talked. About it she said he got it as a gift and it had just, been lying around in a pile of toys it sounds like it was. One of those little gifts the you might get a free rather than a. Huge great only two but police haven't really released any information About this. They they're carrying out their investigation into what happened it's routine for police to investigate any incident. Where police shoot at suspects stop hands, regional, chief of police said he wanted to say though that although he doesn't want to comment very. Specifically on this case often police do have to? Take very difficult. Decisions in unclear in high pressure situations? So sometimes? They have to make a? Call in, just a few seconds he said. But a, lot of people discussing the details, of this on the Swedish police union has come out and said. That they don't believe that Swedish police a properly trained to deal with these kind of situation because looking at pictures. Of Eric, he he looks disabled doesn't he looks He looks as if he, has down syndrome putting it bluntly yet you you. Can tell and is parents have been talking a little bit about him his mom says it's impossible to understand he wouldn't hurt a fly she says he had. Very limited vocabulary he could only really say mum so it doesn't seem on the surface that this is the kind of person. That would immediately appear threatening and as I say. It wasn't in the middle of a very dark noise it was as the sun, was coming up a few witnesses have been have filmed what happened from their window you call it really see into the, area where he was apparently shop you can see the outside of the building you. Can see how light it is and you can make out the police. Officers there, so this is raising a lot of different questions and and really upsetting people in the neighborhood as well sows and candles laid out in memory on the street and a lot of people really sad that this shooting happened to someone who, was, loved by his family. Just funds Thought you may not be able to answer this Do we know whether, somebody actually reported him to the police and said. There is a dangerous man outside my, apartment building we haven't been able to confirm this but there have been reports in one of the Swedish tabloids that a neighborhood called police apparently saying that, she's her ex boyfriend was going to kill her but. We haven't been, able to confirm that information police as I. Say, it was a very much an ongoing investigation clearly they thought that he was a threat and it's very unlikely that that they thought that because of his The main appearance so, it does, seem, to be that they props in the area for another reason but we're, we're waiting to hear more details mardi thanks very. Much it's nineteen minutes past seven if, you want to forget memory the wrong cable let's get onto the stroke of to that what it just two seconds to warring a tribal atmosphere toxic bickering, that is the description of day to day life in. A leading an, agent heart units in Georgia's in south London. The, consequence according to official review has been hired death-ray journal reporter is Zinder what went wrong this unit chichi While this review was conducted by. Former, England deputy medical director professor mind Buick and it was in response to the above average mortality rates think hospital showed that it, was having three. Point seven percent of mortality rate the national average is at twenty percent. Now he interviewed thirty nine members of this unit who were quite shocked by that. Death right, but they did add that most felt..

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