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Guy Literally. Eugene freed him saved his life and then instead of he literally leaves him to drop I mean. Brock does not seem like a great guy. Yeah and they were. They didn't really say like stopped being crime. They said like make your own name like means something brock. I want to see you back here. And this three years in your own name interesting. Yeah I don't know brock did not. I did not like him because he did. Make some really bad moral choices but it was funny to have another person as almost as egotistical is Eugene who would kind of banter back and forth with him. I thought well pencil did a good job of like saving people though and you know it was like yeah. She usually does most of the savvy. I like to that. I'm like way to get rid. Some Credit Cisse's saves the well. She's good it'd be too busy. I think but So what were your overall thoughts about this to finish things off. I liked it but I I feel like I get it in. Contribute that much to the main plot I had some character development like. I'm sure we'll see like Eugene. Like acting in captain of the guard that will play some role in defeating casts Because obviously the real captain of the Guard Earth. The former capital of the guard could Civil to the task and I understand that. So I guess that's kind of why we got this episode. But it's it's getting down to the wire like for the end of the season or the end of the show really and like. I don't know how it's that with casts and Santeria and all that stuff so I don't know I'm getting nervous about how they're going to end it. I hope they don't rush it all together too much. The final episode is like like over an hour long so yeah yes I did this episode because it focused on Eugene definitely gave him something to do and kind of showed him a path forward which He's he's a pretty important character. He hasn't gotten a lot of important. Like serious storylines by best. I feel like so. I thought it was a nice episode in that respect but I did think that I would have liked it more without that whole dream sequence at the start because not really set it up for me to think it was going to be more focused on the captain. And CASSANDRA 'cause I I mean it's his daughter and there's some serious I mean emotional drama. They could explore the hair between his job and his daughter in like there he does near. Yeah I don't know I feel like that's a interesting thing to show and I mean I guess we kind of talked about that in the island episode but yeah you like. He sacrificed his job. He's like been so good at for years and and it was weird too because cassange always said she wanted to be captain of the guard and so him stepping down. And then giving it to you. Jean just feels like I dunno like a slap in the face to her away while she is like a villain right now and trying to attack the kingdom. So Will Ya. But I feel like it'd be nice if he stayed as captain brought her back and then promoted her to captain at the end or something gene will switch over if she ever comes back and he can trust her again. But yeah solid episode. I feel like I feel like now. I can't she ever be captain of the guard. Like I would be scared to ever as count on the guard. Like if another like magical being duped. Her tricked her. Got Her under. Its spell like how like. She could really destroy. He'd have a lot more effectively if she was cat car. So I guess it just depends on how in control she is of her own actions like we know that she's been misled because she doesn't know it's on teary because puzzle hasn't told her and yeah but we don't. We don't really know how how much of her own willpower is less. That's true okay. Well our next stop isn't anywhere. Our next stop is wait for for our next stop is once a handmaiden. The this is the second to last episode in the whole show once a handmade disguised in a magical cloak. Cassandra sneaks into corona with the intention of making amends with reponse. Oh what what. People are the whole plot. Why did you read that interesting? What role the last chance to make amends? Gospel Ghost episode. Feels like Cassandra? Yeah why would she want to make amends? After that sh she must find out. Who's out to release tell telegram so by the way like a little like a bird carries a note there by the way how can tell her? I'll tell you that's interesting. It sounds like it's going to be more like her getting back in her old role you know in disguising kind of revisiting what her life alliance and then if she does join their side but in the episode that would mean that you'd be able to fight the final battle against Santeria an anterior probably control a deer and various dad. And all of them. So they'll be on the opposite side and it'll be probably pretty epic battle. Listen good battle songs. Maybe route for you. Cassandra's dad couldn't find her. What do you think about various fighting his baby very attitude that he lost his dad for so long and then he finally got him back and I feel like he wouldn't risk hurting him in any way? Yeah Yeah I could see him like restraint his dad though like tied him up or something for Tub. Kelly came back to himself. Yeah Yeah and real real quick before we go speaking very. He looked so God this episode. When I should happen you had the block kind of shot running down his face. Look I was Kinda glad that Lance Kinda got some payback with not being able to here for a while because I was kind of funny gene opened up to their smiling and variables like Elliot. And he's like why. Why so he could have lost. Someone's thought John. Yeah so he. He needed to have everybody well. We will see what next week for episode of the show. Tell you can continue the conversation on twitter al-Qaeda podcasts. We have seen to talk to on that or you can email corona conversation at go dot com. I'd love to interact with you and thoughts about this if you enjoyed the show if you got to this point. Hopefully you have five star review on Apple podcasts. Tell next week by by just texted me. What did moments the chance to know what I'm doing?.

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