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Mullet bloom. They start in the bench again. There's it you tell me. Bill cut change a game. If he's so why not getting a head headscarf. How do you explain your the gareth bale situations. I was so excited when they lost son coming back to save spurs. This season yet is impact has been minimal. Be i'm talking about to a spurs fans obviously in even my former teammates and so it's very difficult to to comprehend a gareth. Bale situation But as craig said you know if you don't put in it kind of a certain point in time then a lucas. Mora or daily or gareth. You know it's it's it's just put up a big question. Mark you know why because you become too dependable on son in hurricane and i think this called the two of them scored twenty two out of thirty goals or something so so in in order to break these teams down. I mean give again them. Pick big respect for their performance day in order to to kind of create chances and and and really put them on their on their back foot unique creativity. You need some ideas. You need some surprise Surprising elements and they were not on the field. In the second. Half there was no nothing surprising coming out. Any more of the spurs spurs game going forward and. That's why a lot of sports fans are just wondering what's going on with these players. That are remaining. Unfortunately on the bench sorta hoiberg socor done a great job. Ripe the graphs. Their workers spread the koran and running behind and hog protect. And he's not a great passed of the bulk so he keeps it simple but but attains when you need players and then there are games and then you don't need them as much and then there's endgame where you don't need an clearly today as a game where you need less defensive players and people that can utilize possession of the ball to supply the sons and the hurricanes more often than just the council that that's the frustration. The i would look at tottenham team and say here's one of the best chances to an mix in a long time because we've talked to the drop off from city and liverpool. The points will tell you that that's factual here's a fantastic chance to get really in the mix and if this son kane partnership that you're mansion can manage to get through the end of the season who knows i mean. I think likely. If i was a spouse fan i would be looking at. Yeah and then got the frustration of not been able to change defensive mindset in games against teams the i think they should be bullying and dominating and really putting pressure on. I was talking to fund. That would be my frustrations. If you're a tottenham player. Would you have similar. Frustrations frank depending where i play. You know if. I'm oberg and wings even so cool. I'm the leader of the game. Because that's what it is right now. And that's that's what he shouldn't be we should we should wonder why early bail don't play is because you the situation in the taxi that boy you puts down. It's the fact that you have to get the ball back. And who's the best in getting. The ball back is over wings and soco. Yes if i was a defender. I will be pleased as well because i've got three in front of me working hard and mostly most of the time. You don't concede goes. I will try to the cliche. I would be frustrated. If i'm k- or son because many bogged do i get. I came defending as well taking tackles in the last twenty yards of on his own side which is completely abnormal. Because you waste energy and you should ask a question to you again. As a striker you want to keep the energy in front of the goal. You don't want to go back and defend like crazy that we came doing. And maybe you. You have a lack of freshness at some point this has been hasn't yoga and the fact the hurricane and it's clearly a key part of what's happened so far but not necessary as a striker but just all over the page. Doing the dirty work former reno does not have repercussions going forward as well while. It's a lot of load on on the shoulders of hurricane also of sawn if these two the most dangerous players in in the spurs team so become dangerous you've been become predictable so if the the opponents know that it's all it's all down to harry and installed onto sanjeev. Let's let's shut them down. It's double them right away when they get the ball. Then it's it's too easy. Obviously daily penned on deliveries depend on mean to be fair to jose also ahead for clear chances in the first half and then the game is over. So son has his chances. Dare harry had another one. So then we would talk me differently about it but you just whisk if you if you blame Three more defensive minded midfielders. You just risk that. There's no no creative element anymore there when you really badly needed when things go wrong when it's not going the way you want to. So then you need somebody kind of to pull the strings and number ten behind the two strikers or just connector a really connected that has a division between the lines that can also maybe skull himself. And that's something that was missing today. Meanwhile.

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