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How you're weary about Juan Dale because there's not really a role for him in the current offense as it exists and you're not confident with the fact that they'll be able to create that role for him. That's basically how I feel about Burke's. Even if he has an electric athlete, I just see them having him go out there and running curls 20 times a game because that's what they did with Nikhil Harry, right? Or verticals where he's trying to win on contestant catches all the time or something like that. So give me the guy who I know can fit in seamlessly can take over role that already exists in mastery instead of a guy that they've got a carve out a new role for. I'm on the same page as you. I like to play devil's advocate because I love Trey Lambert as a prostitute. When I evaluated the draft of Nikhil Harry in 2019, I had Harry and AJ Brown closer than I should have. I thought that they profiled pretty similar. I thought they both had the same strengths and weaknesses. What I slept on was that AJ Brown was a much better athlete than Nikhil Harry, right? Because Nikhil Harry looked like a good athlete, but he wasn't actually his translatable as an athlete and explosiveness in the open field as AJ Brown. AJ Brown ran a much better 40 time. I'm just expecting cherry long birds to run an even better 40 time than AJ Brown did. So that's to me where I'm at coming out with that, but I'm with you that I would prefer a lava and jamison over a Trey lamberg for the reasons that you laid out. The fact that we have seen that player, the treylon Burke's player, fail multiple times here in New England with them trying to go after that kind of guy, right? And they haven't been able to figure it out. And I would also mention that early on in treylon Burke's career, he's going to have to have some scheme touch elements to his game, right? Jet sweeps screens, just finding ways to manufacture touches. And I'm not sure what their current offensive coaching staff that I'm going to fully trust Joe judge and Matt Patricia to be able to scheme touches for treylon Burks. It's the same. Like you said, it's the same thing as Wanda Robinson, just a little bit earlier in the draft. But we remember we said that about Nikhil Harry too, how long were we waiting for them to run all these tunnels screens with the cute hairy and the pop pass. It even John who Smith now, like, I just think we're going to be sitting here in 6 months or whatever it is talking about, well, why aren't they getting in the ball? Why aren't they figuring out ways to get them the ball or is Chris olave and their offense is going to be a magnet for the football? Yeah, that's definitely fair. I want to take a second to shout out our sponsors at bet online dot AG football might be over for the season, but basketball is in full steam for both pro and college hoops from all the latest odds totals player performance props to where the next fired coach is going to land..

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