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Debbie wasserman schultz is it guy i was just a dulles airport they must him at dulles and apparently he's got something that debbie wasserman schultz once that how i know that because in the middle of may debbie wasserman schultz was grilling the capitol hill police chief about what happens should a member lose of computer didn't talk about her but i think it's fair to infer from her concerns the navy debbie wasserman schultz no longer has something this it guy has and whatever that something is might very well be damaged here's debbie wasserman schultz in the middle of may talking the head of the capitol hill police listen to this if the member loses the equipment says they lewis equipment spring and this down by the capitalise his post fever turn it on the return of the to legal investigation of again not in ongoing investigation related to the member if the clinton volognes to than it has been loss they say it's been lost and it's that members of lisa supposed to return it correct well it's it is wrong and it liu if if the member loses the commitment is found by the capitol police staff and it has identified as that number members equipment and the member is not looking at it with the any case and they're clinton and it has prosecuted turned yesin depends on services who says i don't understand her possible members equipment is numbers clinton is not it's is not undermined standing of able to confiscate embers clinton when the member is not under investigation it is their commitment and it's supposed to be returned but i think there is genuine circumstances basin busy or downcycle necessary porteno that the case in with the permission turn told us accomplish with i think you're leading the rules and conduct your business that way while we come back in indiana police officer has been shot and killed responding to a crash more on this and minute i'm laura.

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