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You go in the other team and tell them what my number is it must be tough man to be a big league flare you reach your dream and then you're like stacey joe and i walked in the opposite i gotta do some the frank and ranked gonna ship man i'm loving this looking this up by the way he played one hundred eighty game for the giants from eighty to eighty three he was a five foot nine utility infielder out a west virginia type to the of that country boy really quite guy you know he was he was in tony larussa dugout for a long time with the cardinals looking at that here he is in cardinal cardinal uni as a coach yeah some user a long time and we always got a chance to visible the show does a really good guy users part of all those utility guys that we have some of do donna valley mister big guys you know you mentioned guys who are hey what's a good group and france yards going to get a chance to play so except if if he didn't remember you around the team man that is a tough one just say hey katie i'm on the squad guys pechiney to sue lars to rich murray maybe they'll do it tonight longoria to panicked brandon bell triple play guy so aggregrate flight down a glad you spend time with your lovely bride we'll see if the bats get going we'll see what pence does we'll see what belt does we'll see quite oh does and it'll be very interesting so we'll look forward to the broadcast wayne thanks for the hit oh yeah okay we'll be watching tonight dwayne kuyper can't are six eighty and then poof did you hear that pool like that actually cool sound we actually have one minute left policy your thoughts on the diamondbacks series i'm i'm kind of dreading seeing this corbin guy again remember he was running off the.

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