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In the Democrats don't understand. because he literally doesn't know where his son doesn't always talking to. Z. and grabs hold of people won't let go he is a walking gaffe machine in and they are constantly trying to make excuses for it and and otherwise passing Moffat's just old Joe canister here from PJ media Democrat pollster calls Biden's twenty twenty league deceptive. they are nervous everybody is not folks. they have been convinced. since before the mall a report that they were gonna get rid of trump. they were I am and let me walk to the very stages they thought they were going to be able to reverse the election results with the trump scandals and force him out the steel dossier the golden showers story they thought they're going to humiliate and get them to return to resign retired in shame and embarrassment. than they had all these public protests all these women there but China hats out there every time trump propose a travel ban they were just flooding the zone with what it was made to look like hatred for Donald Trump they wanted to create the image. in the media that everybody in America thought this was a fluke that that this was a mistake. that trump should not of one that the electoral system broke down. and the the the media decided they tried to to cover events in such a way as to make it look like there's no way trucker really one there's nobody we can find a voted for the guy everybody hates this guy including us. and they did their best to create. branding or perception or image that everybody hated the guy. and then they tried to run their silent cool with trump Russia collusion you know how that went. but they have told themselves since election night two thousand sixteen that wasn't real. that it was a fluke of something. and so they've been focused on trying to get rid of him early. forcing him to retire in shame resigned in th in in shame or or even in the midst of criminal indictment or something it's all blown up in their faces but they have not. let go of the idea that trump is a fluke that something went wrong that it shouldn't have happened that it still isn't real. and I'm not exaggerating is a psychological sense they are all still old. occupying this mental state of mind that none of this is real it's a biggest mistake that's ever happened and as such. they're going to get rid of the guy he shot one of one he wasn't supposed to win he really didn't win well now here we are just a year out from the election thirteen months. and so they're telling themselves cut lows it's a slam dunk just like Hillary was going to win in a run away landslide trump is gonna lose again. he's not gonna win it okay everything we've tried so far is spelled forward work we're going to go back and have another election this time the American people are not gonna get tricked Arterton gonna be this folk trouble going to Lowes and he's gonna lose in the biggest landslide ever that's what they tell themselves. so they have their big nomination process to come up with their nominee that's going to win this. magic collection going away and who isn't. and this is deflating them like crazy there's no way they're looking at this and everything all my god there's no way Biden can make our dream come true. the psychology of this cannot be forgotten fox and do not ignore it. for all of these months these people as typified by the media and the rest of the Democrats have believe that none of this is real that it was a result of some gigantic mistake some fluke and it has been. it has been necessary for it to be corrected in every corrective measure has failed. so now we get. to the next and perhaps last chance. the next election and who is it that's leading this parade Joe Biden. they are nervous. Biden leading the primary promise process. is the equivalent of a cold shower for these people I know I'm I really think that this may be and I'm not I'm not exaggerating all that much here I really think that this may be the first time. in all in the past three years. they are being forced. to consider. the very real possibility truck might win again. that's right I'm telling you that for the past three years Donald Trump has been gone tomorrow in their minds. every night when they went to bed trump was gone the next day so they've had that many days of disappointment but its added up to anticipation because every day is another opportunity for it to be true trump is gone. so they headlined democratic pollster calls Biden's twenty twenty leave deceptive here's the pull cord so deceptively evening. because it really doesn't get tested until we get down to a narrow world race in which at some stage people are going to have to say is he our guy or not said Paul Maisel and democratic pollster worked on the presidential campaign to Jimmy Carter and Howard Dean. here's a guy with a track record of victory. I'm not sure how strong a front runner Bugs live people are sorry waiting in seeing simply mirroring Goff director of the Marist polling unit. by the supporters are also far more nervous than they should be a given the front runners polling laid meaning they should be nervous at all those guys leave is so big they shouldn't be nervous but everybody is there's a clear worry among by the supporters that he can't be. he cannot be the front runner from June of twenty nineteen for July twenty twenty to that this is going to hold up that might not have the ability to make it hold up that eventually the gaps are gonna pile up and he's going to come down this is ed Rendell fast Eddie. former governor of Pennsylvania. that many Biden backers are nervous as hell. they are. of all the people. they had dreams of tossing trump out of the White House would bite. so there is an abject panic and a cold shower reality descending on these people. I mean I think Biden is. everybody wears another faction of the party which thinks that he is the only guy that can beat trump. gaps and all because he's the only guy in the primaries that represents the middle is the only guy it's not some awak all left wing radical extremist. boot camp when. so they're gonna keep him in for Malahide whatever it whatever it takes to keep the guy alive gaps all just to make sure because they think if they didn't bite and they don't have a prayer now I'm telling you this is a giant cantik cold shower to these people. hello that mayor Pete's sake we present you know that calm all I hear is not to be president they you know. they're Tulsi Gabbard and going to be a very novel take your amber Yang none of these people going to be president and the longer they hang around the the the more radical they make the Democrat party look. they don't think crazy bird is going to prevail they they think it's going to be focused hottest or biking. now ladies and gentlemen I have a thing I want to address here as America's adult. but a way I'm very honored very happy to have that title and to to to execute that responsibility because I am an adult and there aren't too many of us. sadly. so I have here a story that is written off of a column. by Kimberly stressful of the Wall Street journal. democratic presidential candidate see is on climate change as the key issue in their primary fake fight but will it help or hurt them in the general election. wallstreet journal columnist Kimberly Strauss warned on Saturday. the twenty twenty Democrat candidates climate proposals could cause the loss of millions of jobs. now let me quote from Kimberly Stross wills piece. when you talk about banning fracking when you talk about a carbon free economy by twenty thirty or twenty fifty. you are essentially saying that we're going to kill every cold job in the country every oil job every natural gas job we're going to kill all of the shipping jobs. then they get what we're talking about millions and millions of jobs that were going to create. gonna kill rather with the Democrat agenda. and she says that's not a vote getter that's that's not gonna get people revved up to vote for your killing this many jobs wiping out that much of the economy. the problem here she right says that this was one of the reasons they did lose last time. remember Hillary Clinton still says that one of the bigger mistake she made was promising to put a lot of coal workers out of a job well it didn't hurt Obama which is why she said it. Obama got elected despite that same promise but of course Obama got elected because it is the first African American candidates it didn't matter what he said that mattered what it looked like. and do not doubt me. that's why so many Republicans voted for the guy hoping that they were voting for peace and tranquillity and in the end of the charge of racism ha ha it only got worse. but let me ask you a question. effort particularly those of you and I know you're there because this audience knows no boundaries. we have all genders both of them. we have all religions. we have all three sexism maybe it's for now. we have all ages this this program's audience not always not old demographic boundaries and thus I know that there are some of you in this audience to think I'd be a great thing to get rid of every call mine and stop using coal. and I know there is some of you in this audience who think that fossil fuels are destroying the planet and we've got to stop using them or we're going to die I know you were there I know your listeners. so I want to ask you why I don't really want you to seriously consider my questions here. and I'm asking these questions to you as Americans adult. why and how do you think file soul fuels became the primary energy source. for industrialized. advanced. western economies. how did fossel fuels become. the primary energy source. but but let. certainly is answering in economic terms. in the private communication links and he and I share you can't hear him for a reason. is because it should present the most economical well. before we get to that. how many of you. in this audience who thank fossil fuels are going to be the end of your manatee and thus we need to get rid of them. how many of you believe that the people in the fossil fuel and related energies fields in Denver's. got into that business do you believe that it is their objective to destroy the planet. do you believe that their purpose is to wipe out. a habitable environment. do you believe that they only care about profits and do not care what happens. to the place they live as well. do you think. people in the fossil fuel industry are inherently evil. do you believe that their purpose in using these fuels its to pollute. the fowl to destroy. to a lemonade life support systems on earth. just for the sake of profit. do you really believe that..

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