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Lane we do indeed thank you for taking us along through your midweek ride as we head into this Wednesday morning together schools and COVID masks is where we begin this hour Right now Virginia school systems can not have mask mandates a lawsuit challenging that law is still alive this morning thanks to a federal judge's decision The ACLU American civil liberties union is now suing the state in federal court on behalf of a dozen immunocompromised kids While a temporary injunction didn't put the brakes on the law because it only involves the 12 families listed in the lawsuit the lawsuit and the order by the judge provides a blueprint for parents to advocate for their children Eaten heilman with the ACLU of Virginia says parents with children that have medical documentation showing they are at high risk for COVID should sit down with school administrators And you talk about what the specific needs of your child are She says also get any agreement on accommodations and writing Learn more about the lawsuit at WTO P dot com among the arguments the ACLU claims the state's law violates the Americans with disabilities act the state claims instead of asking for accommodations the plaintiff's in the case chose to sue the state Mike Murillo news Now four O four prince George's county schools have sent a letter this week to parents stressing how important it is to keep drugs out of schools this after two students unknowingly ate edibles and one of which had crystal meth in it among other things the other candy had THC in it It was a controversial emergency bill meant to smooth the pathway to getting the hold of medical marijuana locally If it had passed anyone 21 and older could have gotten medical pot without a prescription We learned that this week that it is apparently not moving forward in the D.C. council because it got only 8 of the 9 votes needed to pass Critics of the emergency Bill praised the result however they say they're still needs to be broader access for those who want a legal seat at the table There's a limited number of licenses the cost of them is very prohibitive A kosho Ali is D.C.'s NAACP branch president She says equity in D.C.'s marijuana industry is still an issue Less than 30% of those that have legal marijuana licenses are minorities and even a smaller percentage of those are black Ali and other council members say the whole complicated issue is an example of the need for D.C. statehood Liz Anderson WTO news WTO P at four O 6 we know turned this Wednesday morning to the future of a large local police department The Montgomery county council was about to take the final vote and then decided to put it on hold Council members apparently are taking a pause on voting for the police accountability board Who gets to make a complaint about possible police misconduct that's one of the questions the Montgomery county council members were discussing as they prepared to vote on the bill forming the police accountability board Council member will jawando favors expanding the types of complaints that could go before the board We want our police officers if they see something to say something Police chief Marcus Jones was asked about the status of police recruitment and the potential impact of the legislation People have options when we talk about recruitment to go to whatever police agency they so choose The issue will likely come up again April 19th Kate Ryan For more than 50 years government has trusted man tech with its most challenging missions in intelligence defense Homeland Security and more We are a.

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