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Did you mentioned to KOTA Hudson? He's good. I. I. I agree with you on that. He he's been pitching. Good pitching. Coaching with our grammar here, six six quality starts in a role but. I think he's right. Here is. But he's, he's not great. Davis is making a lot with a little, I feel like five years ago to Hudson would be a top twenty star like he'd be on the verge of that. We'd be looking at him and saying, wow, that's impressive. But it's just he's got a consistent and it's, it's really hard like if that Davies can do it. Anybody can do it. That's what I'm trying to say. Like, obviously, nobody had a shot this week in Denver to pitch. Well, but the only guy I did I saw this on the tweet like Luis Perdomo. I'd like five should I like how does that happen? Oh, yeah. The fring in and give spot starts with making followers. Oh, jeez. I carry ask, you know, it's like this the new norm. How many times do we see records set in terms of run-scoring are home runs, or the like, and then they repeat three pointers in the NBA? It's kind of just that moving in that direction. But this week I ninety two runs in four games, obviously, when we say the new norm, we don't. But, but seventy five and a four game series. Yeah. Not crazy anymore. All right. Let's get this. I'm not crazy hash. Not crazy. Mark wants to know if your interest level in Colin Moran is there likely adding second base elgibility soon. No, I could not care less hard pass. I mean, there's nothing there and second base is not that much weaker than third base, if it is at all. So I'm gonna say new. I don't care. I mean it's nice that he's adding eligibility, if you're an only league you're like, oh, no, I can move in the middle infield, but may Colorado end up hitting what sixteen home runs and batting, two sixties exciting, it matters. Like, look, I had to replace so in NFL labor this week, finally they demoted Brennan Rogers. Look, I finally, I'm glad they're not gonna play on the modem and they didn't wait until after Monday's deadline. So I got to pick up somebody. So I can I have all these players like as much auto I can move around second or third, but I had nobody I could put in there on my bench. So I had actually signed a guy pick up a guy and I got Sean Rigas, who's now, apparently new third baseman for the Phillies. But. It would have been nice to have like another player who could be moved around six outfielders there. So I couldn't move any of the Al theaters to an infield spot. If I could move onto corner, I could've gotten away with us so Moran could have been the puzzle piece that helps in this situation. But he's not the guy you're going to get in order to lead you to believe in something better. I have on reserved Smith who I'd like to activate, but I can't there's no room his the guy's got a two hundred and fifteen point split in his career Murray's. He's a platoon player. This is launch isn't hall, and Matt Joyce, trying to think of few other, that's what it looks like to me to like he just can't hit lefties, maybe someday. He will. But. At the weeks, they're playing a couple of games against week, or pitchers in the right park, or against a bunch of righties. There's probably something there. What's next a few questions here we're gonna go quick. Rapid fire here on players if you need to hold onto them or not Ian have any fantasy relevance. No, not at all. I lean to that. Yeah. Bradley Zimmer now now metals this here. Matt olsen. Yes. I mean that's at the top twenty first baseman, but not a top ten first baseman. But there's a lot of guys like meddlesome that are gonna hit twenty five home runs and to sixty. So I mean with guys like that. I just kind of take when they're hot or when they when they had the schedules..

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