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At progress is gonna be awesome and you should watch this space very closely if you're interested in working on ad for prize give me a call or text me or something. Pod sheets. pod sheets will return someday. Pod sheets was our effort at open source podcasting and video publishing and consumption and lots of other things basically the premises like. Do you really want this whole thing owned by spotify or owned by youtube like probably not. Let's make it open source that was sheets notes on hosting businesses hosting businesses with proprietary. You is or api's have the best most defensible margins of any software platform business that we've seen. It's even better than payments. I would argue payments is of like hosting right but the thing is payments. You can usually strip out the api if you really want to. I mean it's not like you really want to do that ever but you could do it however trying to re platform away from her roku. That's a really really difficult thing. I mean you could do it trying to re platform away from. Aws really really hard trying to move off of like dot net not really possible So you gotta take seriously the beast of a business that harajuku is. I think her roku remains one of the most underestimated portfolio sleepers in business and it explains sales forces eventual potential to rival. Even amazon is the most rapidly growing behemoth in the world. Does anybody know how much money roka's making. Hello anybody out there. I don't think anybody knows other than people who are like established employees of salesforce. Hiroko probably crushing it. Hiroko like like aws but cleaner. It's like an apple level cloud provider. Does anybody remember that. like hello. has anybody out. There re platform away from her. Oku didn't think so. What would you move to render dot com. I love render dot com invested in it. But it's not the same generation that's like comparing apple and stripe like the most design focused company at the time of cloud providers. Coming out was pretty much roku and it doesn't matter who's come sense then. Hiroko had the most steam. It doesn't matter that they were acquired by salesforce which was not known for its developer experience prior to roku but heroic who has has basically become a massive component of salesforce. It it. there's no it's not. And they've maintained such a clean set of things that they built. They built harajuku kafka. They built her roku post grass. They built her roku redness. Who roku is a beast. If you don't know who roku watch out. It's hiroko notes on collaboration businesses. It's super hard to get enough people using a collaboration business. I know this tried with find collapse and the thing is even if you get people using a collaboration business like a Like a click or like a A jira or like a fine collapse or even slack. Yes even slack. These things can be switched away from so i just don't the collaboration businesses not a fun place to play in. I think you can really really get into some dangerous business territory. I mean look at look at what has happened with with base camp. I mean based campus. Really interesting they've got. I'm not even talking about the controversy. I'm really not talking about that. The base camp of business has kind of a loose collection of collaboration tools. That i think all are a little bit. Outdated like they're not totally outdated but they're just not up to date as much as slack and that's largely because of their venture financing but it's also because of like the collaborates the nature of collaboration tools. They just are always outdated and kinda crappy even notion feels a little dated now. It feels a little bit clunky. It's great it's great. But it's like i kind of just keep returning to word. Documents and basic google spreadsheets. Like i even air table sometimes gets a little too congested. So collaboration businesses so dangerous. But that said i do think. Social collaboration is a frontier. That has been very little explored If you look at where slack is going with these connected channel thingies and huddles and whatnot like social. Collaboration is just going to be a frontier. And i was there early with fine labs but but managed the company like a total idiot. So by the way. I've shutdown find collapse. But i should never have shut down because it was like six bucks a month or something and hosting By the way here's a very opinionated note. Do not shut down side projects unless they're costing you fuck ton of money. Don't shut down your side project because it's gonna come back to be something you want to show the people and however crappy you feel your side project is. It's probably a lot better than what a lot of people have. Which just nothing most. Most people probably don't even have a single side project. It's active on the internet. So if you have literally anything like a game a tic tac toe service literally anything. It's probably going to be pretty cool if you show it to some people but anyway what i was gonna say is fine collapse. It's shutdown. i need some help. Booting it back up anyone out there wanna help me hello. Please help me with this thing. I'll pay you some money. If you wanna help me set this thing back up. Basically all you need to know basic firebase stuff and you need to know how to contact the guy who was working on find collapse before i shut it down so daily go to software. Daily sophomore daily is like fine collapse. At this point software dailies a place to collaborate socially you can check out software daily dot com to see all of my plans including an uber like services company and a new mobile operating system..

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