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The father of Italian English descent says Wikipedia. But no that was. I feel like that's unusual. I was surprised. Like Oh my God. She actually look something like is something like the character that was we are doing the voice aspect I'm guessing they probably modeled some of the character on the actress. Just given even how close those two things are not be surprised if that was the case there Sorry go ahead I was just gonNa say they modeled Keith. David serving they modeled Goliath off of Keith David to obviously under the wings and the horns in everything I do. Do you WanNa talk about some of the characters. But I'm not sure if we go through briefly go through the plot or should we just assess more broadly. How do you guys feel particular preference now? Now let's let's you abroad so so yeah so as we already sort of talked about. What's interesting about this show is that we start off very brief? We have this teaser. Caesar in the present day and then we jump back to Scotland and the premise is set up that we have this castle it is defended by the gargoyles their stone during the day. But they come alive at night so when these invading invaders like you show up and attack you know. Everybody thinks the leaders crazy. Because he's attacking you know when the when these supposedly mythological creatures are gonNA come to life. He doesn't believe it. Of course they turn out to be real and so we end up with this whole fight scene where the gargoyles really you know. Throw a boulder wait and drive people off but what they get interesting about this is we. We find that. Of course the Gargoyles are not accepted by the society the particularly really the the sort of high echelons side. We have a princess who really looks down on them. We have the Magus adviser who is also not a big fan and pretty much. What's their only ally and defenders the captain of the guard the unnamed? I always is interesting. Unnamed captain of the Guard and so we have have this sort of betrayal plot. Right where the GARGOYLES are. We have this gargoyles species where they are treated poorly and the We have somebody betraying the castle in the princess and essentially like convincing the The person who attacked to basically try their luck again at daylight. There's a whole thing with a ruse or Goliath is lured away and we find out more later about the whole sort of like sequence events therre which ends up being again fairly complex because of the the betrayer of course turns out to be the captain who is the only trust but the the fact that only a Goliath and Hudson. I mean he's the names just to be convenient was leave. The castle means that everybody else is left undefended and that we then have you know the the invaders come and essentially smash all of the gargoyles except for three young heroes. Who are hiding out in the rookie? With all the eggs and the and the dog and the dog. It's very confusing. Yeah why is the dog. A gargoyles dog be question. This magic UH rabid gargoyles. Good boy yes it just. It raises some concerning questions of parentage. And you know it's a whole Pluto goofy goofy issue to maybe. He's not a dog maybe he's just well he's he's very soft spoken. So Hi. This is Shannon made the comparison to Babylon five earlier. Another point of comparison. Here is that the Creator and Joe in showrunner of Gargoyles Greg Weisman was also fairly active online and he would painstakingly explained to you online that that that Bronx is a or goal beast not a Garg oil and there's a taxonomy here so the novelization so we have a another as the invader. Hey Con when captures the princess and we end up with this slightly awkward sort of misunderstanding. Where The Magus believes that the The princess has been killed by. Hey Con because the gargoyles showed up and so he essentially casts dispel on the younger gargoyles. Hudson that freezes them into stone even during the night Goliath goes after an saves the princess but loses his chance at revenge John. Hey Khan and is surprised to find. The captain is the person who betrayed the castle and so of course when he returns you know he he doesn't know what has happened to his friends. The MAGA's explains he's put a sort curse on them That they sleep for a thousand years or sleep until the castle was raised above the clouds and that he can't undo the spell because the pages been burned in his thome and so this is not a very good does a very good memory. Seem kind of like a poser. If I learned anything from as you say that spelled backwards and so what Goliath request that he also be put sleep their return to the castle and and that is when we jump forward and a thousand years to our quote Unquote Present Day or at least twenty five years ago and we are introduced to the very interesting character of David. Santos who I want to say is personally. I think one of my favorite characters on this entire first of all Jonathan frakes we all vandross is basically like he's like he's. He's Jerky Tony Stark. which is which is which the redundant yeah let me slightly more able to make Santos I think compelling is the fact that he is he existed he's a villain and yet he is not necessarily always villainous like he's got he's in that weird gray area and that's what I do about him as a character is that he he is at various times? Ally like a grudging ally verses actual antagonised in this case we learned that he is like heard the legend of the gargoyles. He has moved the entire castle. Lock Stock Barrel Rick Brick by brick and rebuilt it on top of his skyscraper in New New York. 'cause that's a totally the amount of effort they put into depicting how the thing was disassembled though. That was very impressive. Like there's numbers on things that are packing it up there flying away. I'm like this is a lot of effort to show. We packed up the castle and move Dave's interesting choice. Yeah it's an interesting choice into the the mega spell until the castle rises above the clouds. That's very very specific. Metaphor there It's very it must. It must rhyme in the metric language or something like every spell has to have like a clause they they've invented magic and the lawyers got got to it so it's like every every spell has to have an exit exit rate so that it Kinda leave you've ever signed the contract says in perpetuity till the end of the universe. You know that that just doesn't works. I signed contracts say that the publication owns the rights. This until my words rise above the clouds. Yeah worked very well. Chipping makes a lot of sense. If if you just consider a basic legal theory please when pigs fly right last question. Do they not consider fog clouds votes. Because I you know. Scotland fairly overcast and fog rolls in and one could argue but obviously they did not so. I wonder if it's a belief system as well. Maybe the fog came in during the day. Gargoyles was an amazing show on the Disney afternoon. That only ran and for one episode turned to the stone at the end and that was it so in our in our in present day. The gargoyles are awakened. I do love the the design of the castle on the skyscraper although it makes virtually we know senator still incredibly distinctive and it's got a lot of character we were trying to figure out where Zana's data's skyscraper fits in the New York skyline. Yeah because they do show. They show the Chrysler building a lot. They showed the empire state building. I think basically wants and so my my my my viewing partners working theory is that it's the the metlife building which in the movies is also what they made the the avengers tower prime real estate. You Really Jerky Tony Stark. Oh that's great love it. I'm here to help. I hope it's called. The eerie built the Eerie area building. Right it is called the area I think they do refer to it at some point he also I love the fact again. Nineteen Ninety S. Some strange thing I mean not quite accurate. There's like one board. Sleepy security guard guarding the elevator. Any place in the building. Yeah yeah well you know. He's very trusting. David it was it was the ninety S. There's one security guard and there's four mercenaries laser guns everywhere. You Go. Yeah Yeah it was. It was a great economy. What can we say okay interesting? We get a little bit backstory. When the guerrillas wake wake-up Santos introduces them tells them what's going on? We do. Learn the mega throwdown. The story in the xanthos has the grim Warr. We also get get they actually get asked about the the ask about the eggs in the rookery which he says are gone and the last gargoyles sort of. We'll just like asterisk. The heck out of that one but I love those down. That's what I'm saying. Look down his threes lying. Oh yes yeah I mean yeah that is also true And then we get this interesting episode where these commandos show up and basically jump in and appear to run around and steal something from Santos and and then flee again and the gargoyles sort of fight them off and Santos thanks them but we get this whole weird. That's the beginning of the first episode where we have this whole firefight and stuff like falling off the building chunks of stony etc and so we have at least. That's what draws our detective. Lisa Maza Aisa in as she comes to investigate what could leave clause in solid stone. The fight scenes are a little long for my liking. They have some nice moments in it. I I think my favorite one in here is when a evil commando throws a grenade at Lexington like tosses it aside because he doesn't know what a grenade is But Yeah at times. It's like I get it pumped punch exposing explosion. I'm trying to try to sort of give money. Honey shot to each character juggling all the different characters. I think that's part of what drove that. Yeah even ended up. We're GONNA walk. I'm never gonNA walk around the Eerie building though because man they're always like bricks and all kinds of stuff falling down like it must be like a death zone paid off a wad code inspectors on. Yeah it's it's a pretty elaborate scam That is very shaggy scam. Zana's running running in this in this story And I think that towards the end this is it's sort of where everything sort of falls apart but it's it's kids action adventure..

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