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Here's Mike. Thanks, Nicole. We all know the expressway is the first highway to back up the last two easa Looks like that's the case today. South Bounds Jam coming out of the tunnel down through Savin Hill. You clear the gas tank. You're moving better. Really not so bad. Farther south, just a struggle. Getting out of the city of the North found expressways hung up from granite have a passing bones. It circled pretty slow coming up towards the tunnel to Route three south as some stop and go coming off the expressway and then from room 1 39 a good deal of the way down into Kingston. Delays at the born bridge route. 28 North is backed up a mile getting off caper 25 under a mile getting on Cape. The sangoma bridges. Fine 1 28 South. Delays continue down past one in debt and 93 of courses flow. Either way, getting to route 24. Let's see how things are downtown and check in with them. Offering insurance copter is still pretty slow on the lower level of the Tobin Bridge. Heading up Charles Downside, the end of the work zone. Now it What's your on everyone that gets a lot better over these losses still heavy on one A from Let's call it red around Bennington Street Days Square up toward Boardman Street again up Bell Circle in Revere. Storrow Drive East has gotten a little better was packed with Longfellow. Now It's just heavy in front of mouth. General don't big issues with Memorial Drive other than that long term, right lane work. He's down before math. Kristen, I'm offering insurance copter and delays up to the North here. 1 20 ignore found stopping Gowin Street in Burlington up into Wakefield, Almost six miles my king with double BBC's traffic on the threes. My king Kristen, Thank you very much. And now it's time for the four day W B z accurate. The forecast for tonight will not be quite as cools last night. Well, mainly clear Sky low between 60 and 65.

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