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Whether from Ko Phi, sunny and warm with us from the seventies to the mid nineties, This report is brought to you by Albertson's from the Southern California Toyota Dealers. Traffic Center. We make it easy. We're clearing up a crash on the 10 It was involved in park on the westbound 10 to 605 The crash over the right shoulder is still just a little bit of a pinch from point A avenue. If you're heading to Coupland traveling through, uh, planned on to 10 eastbound after campus heads up here there is a fatal crash investigation going onto the two right lanes are blocked. Treated like a Caltrans work zone. Just slow down and move over, please. Okay, if I and this guy is sponsored by injury, attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Law starting with someone No one here, but there's still a pretty good driver now coming out of the San Fernando Valley up over the hill, quantum lattice right down before Level. No problems North founder was problems around City Hall. But everybody every moving here so little so come out from the East l a interchange, but really not to bet it all. And look at some of the 7 10 alles from about, uh, Florence up to the five all about his good stays Good up to around the 10 freeway in the West end. I have to get past the problems that the earlier problems I should say that Robin just warned you about around the 605 from there westbound all the way. 75. What is this speed limit? Enjoy injured in an accident. Visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bark a F I and this guy trafficking sponsored by big O tires. If I and this guy helps get to there faster, Robin Banks bring your vehicle to the team. You trust Viggo tires now save up to $150 on select sets of four big old brand tires with installation purchase using your big O tires. Credit card offer ends August 23rd for your nearest location. Visit..

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