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Expose the cats was both cover second base was late getting there well that's a that's execution as best it really is now even waiting on a one one he tries the bumper the pops up Dicks will come in to make the play holding its second is Turner and upon his way I'm not a bad idea but he popped up and as a manager you live with that if absolutely and you're gonna miss once in awhile like on her like to just see his guys try it absolutely took it with a fake ID you know just get those infielder in a little bit be aware what they can do so one now man on second that delayed steel is I guess it is kind of an art form because is a real science to it I'm really is not everybody can do it Anthony ghosted well and when he talked about how you you very much and you mentioned you're you look at the middle infield is how close are they in are they really paying attention if not that's when you decide to go the pitch actually as soon as it crosses home plate that's when he would take off because the catcher relax because you do it in motion you do what the catcher's got to do it easier said than done up here but you have to get well you have to watch it run you have to watch that runner ringtone takes ball one the one sharks under for a strike on the outside edge to me just didn't have the crew ball last time out when we saw him early in the year coming out of spring training it it's I mean we talked about a lot but it really was different for Jordan Zimmermann it was only lasted really to start it was exciting to but that curve balls of big big important weapon for him tucking in behind Turner's Beckham transported way fans pulls down about a mile an hour but I think what we're certainly seeing this year around the league is some really good pitchers are averaging right around nineteen because they change speeds are having a lot of success because they change speeds and have three or four different pitchers wages fees on all the pictures ringtone dangerous at the plate waiting on the two one on the way slider away three in one hundred don't who make it through on the strike patient hitter who draw walk to get on base is hitting three ten to three ten with power draws walks is one of the really three years running now a lease hitters in the nationally he's a player it's an open stance knees been kind of busy back at the waist hand extended away from the right shoulders attacks the mat over slider for a strike just grabs the outside corner just read the outside corner no.

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