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The Kremlin and non-state actors including the trans-national crime syndicate and its various appendages that's Kinda getting buried now this petty primary bullshit yeah and just mayor Pete and Bago totally botching their response to this whole Tulsi Gabbard useful Kremlin idiot thing just shows their first instinct was to be confirmed tolsey movement and Mayor P in bed just loved it completely and so that really shows you that they're conformists because they just buckled to the pressure and they also seized on the opportunity to Secretary of State is correct in her assessment the Kremlin did this in two thousand sixteen to helping Donald Trump to power and yes of course they would it again in two thousand twenty because the Kremlin playbook remains the same they haven't been held to account for their attack on our democracy in two thousand Sixteen Donald Trump made sure of that and Donald trump has been giving Putin what he wants on his wishlist including Syria and so we have to keep pointing out that the trump crime family must again steal the presidential election in order to escape justice the Republican Party must hold onto power in twenty twenty in order to escape accountability Russia but actually sanctioned Russia pass sanctions that really hold Putin is intercourse bollocks accountable and then one of the things are going to do is finally pass that big sweeping corruption investigation into Putin and his Mafia state which the Obama Administration passed as part of their punishment of Russia for attacking our democracy in two thousand sixteen which trump completely refused to do he just basically just copied and pasted some Forbes article on the richest Russians and that was it if a Democrat wins just like they did in two thousand sixteen to make sure that the Russian assets stays in the White House so Secretary Clinton is absolutely correct in her assessment went of the Kremlin strategy in the upcoming twenty twenty election and a stupid conformist remarks by Mayor P and Bego just reveal that they were they're playing with popularity politics playing with like a calculating campaign consultant driven B. S. soundbites rather than the heart of our nation security which is confronting the many grey areas of Kremlin aggression how it works it's very disappointing I talking heads who lack brainpower like they're following the leads of weak willed men who are so afraid of seeming alarmist that they let violence or they talk about the abuse of migrants at the border this is connected to the fact that trump is backed up by a Mafia Syndicate fact that Russia is interested in her and was doing the same propaganda in social media manipulation tactics.

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