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Actually play Obama's comments that? Matthews is talking, about? Obama eighties foreign policy In the nineteen eighties are now calling for, the foreign policy back because the Cold War's been over, for twenty years but but governor when it comes to our foreign policy you seem to want to import the policies in the nineteen eighties just like the social policies of the nineteen fifties and economic policies in the nineteen twenties Now play if you would Andrew Mitchell's clip in that same set Mitt Romney isn't he Foreign policy look at him describing Russia as one, of our greatest foes a throwback. To the Cold War we work with. Russia all the. Time Live it's certainly not an adversary So forgive me for thinking the Russians who've not changed their tactics at least, under Putin in quite some time. Did not overnight become a threat they were either a threat when Romney, said they were or they weren't and you can't. Pick and choose something so important, but what's even more interesting is how is it that Obama assured us that the Russians? Didn't hack us during the election and now we find out from the same crew in the intelligence community and legal community that he had there. That they did talk radio.

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