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Offer the managerial job few years ago and didn't want it and this guy says he doesn't want Joe Girardi to be the manager now well I think Joe Girardi you is a really good option for the cards and I think that if they go with Ross or they go with Girardi either way I don't think you'll lose their and I think that there's multiple reasons for this the the benefits for David Ross if the cubs were to go in that direction is that even though he lacks managerial experience by all accounts David Ross is the kind of guy who'll get in your face when you make a mistake the I've seen in his end of the season press conference did make note several times that he believes what the cubs really need is someone to hold people more accountable in that clubhouse not to say that Joe Maddon didn't but his view is that clearly accountability is something that he felt was lacking a bit over the last couple of years and perhaps it is one of the reasons why the cubs finished flat at the end of twenty eighteen and then obviously you know dealt out of the playoff race in twenty nineteen. when it comes to Ross the benefit is that he's a guy that would hold people accountable by all accounts he is someone who is definitely a guy that had a respected that clubhouse he knows the players the in jazz obviously like him they've brought him back as a special assistant working in the organization so there's a lot of benefit there on the other side Joe Girardi. kid from Peoria plated northwestern played for the cubs played for the Yankees as a player one World Series as a manager of the Yankees over ten seasons was successful every year won the World Series in two thousand nine was manager of the year I believe in two thousand six I want to say as the Florida Marlins manager Joe Girardi checks all the boxes in terms of guide it's been around the game for a long time very successful in every role that he's been in and Chicago connections and codes connections so I think I would be surprised I know that there are other candidates that are out there according to reports but I don't think they're hiring will Venable I don't think that they're hiring mark Loretta and I don't think that they're hiring Joe was spotted the Astros bench coach who has been discussed and and rumors I I listen maybe they hire one of those guys they surprise me also seen marked roses name but I don't think that's happening I really think this is coming down to whether David Ross wants the job or perhaps they decide to Joe Girardi is the better option either that Ross doesn't want the job or they feel like you're already is the guy that makes the most sense I think either way they're going in the right direction so I think that both of those candidates would be going to and I didn't like I said to mark I do think that they're never going to say this and I don't believe that they're choosing it because of this but it certainly doesn't hurt if all things are equal that whether you choose Ross or you choose. Joe Girardi that either one of these guys has a nice story that you can sell when you have a new TV network coming next season. Brian from laporte once talk a little bit about Mitch Stravinsky and the bears Hey Brian welcome to WGN. Hey Brian. we. maybe I don't have him pot it up and I'm going to figure that out but Hey I'm still pretty new here trying to figure out all the different buttons on this board and I'm looking for where it says phone and there it is so hopefully now this will work trial number two Hey Brian you're on WGN how you doing Gordon yes good good yeah I'm Brian and thanks for the call sorry I don't know how to cut you up I'm learning the. okay okay you a nomarch we're talking a little bit about Mitchell yeah and how the way he talks and he did when he threw his media shows if you will like such as talking to the press..

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