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Like look at like he had given up as many goals as he did the season before already and like, you know, and like people were questioning his greatness this. This is like a fuck you to the haters like I'm still here. I'm considered one of the best and. I do remember I posted like a like a meme or amend a medium on our Facebook of data has like a brick wall. Like live footage to have day, a brick wall. And someone said like, oh, do you mean Allison Becker who has like shut the fuck up? Oh, no, no. But like I it's a fair shout. He was trying to say and like Alison I still think has been the best keeper of the season. But like the guy I have is day. You know, like, hey was probably had the in terms of best individual goalkeeping performances all year long. It gets a top side. I would have to say, hey, right. Like, I have seen great performances all year. But debited, hey, I think had the most standout before where this game could easily tied them could easily won this. If it wasn't for him. Oh, absolutely. And I think that's what sets him in a very different class than the other supposed- top goalkeepers in the league. And when when if you wanna take the top goalkeepers in the league, at least, what the media says, you have you have Beker, you have Edison, you have Lauridsen you have the heya, and I truly truly truly do not think that any of those goalkeepers can ever be even close to Davidoff. Well, hold on. Wait, wait. Only because of what sits in front of them. What sits in front of them is a fantastic Liverpool defense it was led by Virgil Van Dyke. The best Senator defender in the league who have said that on multiple occasions Liverpool also possesses one of the best defenses in the league. This is where I I agree with Manchester City same with Manchester City taught same with Tottenham. Now, look what fucking sits in his in front of you, Phil Jones drunk pieces shit. You have Chris mauling that Obama impersonator who thank God, he's benched. Now, you have old Ashley young who. I still liked but he's still not that great of a defender. Yeah. Luke Shaw Valencia Diogo Dahlak who's eighteen fucking years old. Eric Lindelof is the only fucking one who's worth a shit. Our defense this moment you've been really liking Linda off lately I've been like I have. And I've I've taken notice I've taken that. That's that's my argument. It's like everyone else is working with like much better talent in front of them. So I totally agree with you on that point. But like, my thing is like, I honestly like, this is my opinion, and I might get shit on for it. And that's fine. I don't know of any of those other goalkeepers could have had a performance like Davide hat. Exactly. That's my thing. Like an individual performance like that. I think it's only like him. Nowhere nor'easter. I really liked her stay honestly, I think they're saying boof on even block Athletico. Yeah. That's true. That's very true. Oh block is phenomenal Donna room of sometimes on AC Milan. But. He is in a league of his own in the English Premier League. I don't wanna hear I just truly do not think you can compare any of them to Deva has because of that. I think like you can but Davidoff has like an a plus like Larrea's Alison are like as it's just like they're exactly I agree with that. There's like margins to this stuff. I just think that and we're not trying to suck his dick. I know everyone's gonna be like oh. Like as someone who is an arsenal fan who has like an okay goalkeeper right now who thought Petr check was going to solve all their problems. God what a fucking Marino. Fucking swindled us abso- upset about that radio. Definitely swindled us giving us better check on his decline. Yeah. True. But can you've been swindled so many times before isn't a horse. No fan in transfers alone. Doesn't matter if you buy so you guys are gonna get fucked. I just think Robin van Persie that's fabric. Yeah. Actually, actually, I just want to give this is going to be a little aside. We're going to move on to the other games. Martin. I meant to bring this up in our opening headlines..

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