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Six. Dot com studios. So this weekend is mother's day. I will be spending time with my mom. My mom said I said, what do you want to do anything? Just come over. Maybe you want to go the movie, she's wanna spend three hours seeing the avengers. Is there anything else worth thing? I said, I don't know. But I know someone who does not just anyone happens to be the world's greatest. Film critic someone that we are honored and privileged to have on this program each and every Friday morning, and that's Jeffrey Lyons Jeffrey good morning. How you doing? I'm doing great. You don't want me on your boat. First of all start talking politics. And I'd be in trouble. All that. There would be a red sock game on. And I'd be looking. You know, I think you've used on the Red Sox are probably even more controversial than you've use a on politics when it comes to this General Motors. Jerry. I'm a met fan. I you're preaching to the choir here. Might you know, Ed, crane pools, my favorite all time met. Oh, yeah. He just got the kit the kidney transplant, right? He was going to say he was born three days after I was and I can remember sitting at my freshman year at Columbia before transferred to Penn. And I remember sitting in some middle middle European literature. Required course, reading German philosophers. And I looked out the window. And I go ahead crane polls probably coming up to that. Now. I'm so jealous. So I wish I only met him once, and I didn't tell them this story. I have kind of have a connection since three days apart some so happy skinny me too. And and I wanna ask you genuinely movies, but with respect to Ed crane pool that someone he went right from going from being in Monroe high school. To signing with the New York Mets and wasn't in the minor leagues. At all. Do you think that he would have developed differently as a player if he had been in the minor leagues a bit and had a little bit of time to season? Not just a win. He would be legendary. Yes, you're right. When field one right to the majors alkaline. The only battery only single battery in the hall of fame. How colline Alkali alkaline went to? It doesn't happen often. At all depends spent entire career with the New York Mets played in the sixties and seventies. And one of those, you know, homegrown players. And so I I wish all the best. I don't know people listening or not, but he's been through a lot capsule later today in talk. Oh, yeah. He schools your favorite all-time met. Well, look, I they're obviously somebody like Tom Seaver is such a legend. But I really wasn't following the Mets at the time that Tom Seaver was. Yes. The Red Sox. I always had a soft spot for Howard Johnson. I I love. Yeah. I love characters. So, you know, doc Goodman, Darrell strawberry. A love those guys. And Todd Hundley is another guy that I've always had a soft spot. I think it was taught humbly or his son who started the whole idea fantasy camp is that right? The first hour notice I think so and it's not my idea what a fantasy camp would be. But one involve Elizabeth Hurley. A. Keep an was always my favorite when I need to know. Good guy. Great. I'm sure you'll agree. He redefined the position of I pay hundred percent a hundred percent. It's the same. If he if his stats were a little bit better might have been Cooperstown. This contemporary, Don Mattingly that I agree with it medically stayed on the field longer. Definitely would have been way better fielder. Oh, see. Now. That's a comparison. You can't really make. I mean, you know, it's it's it's a shame. I would have to give the the Nantou Mattingly simply for the fact that he made, you know, grittier plays at a longer time especially playing on a team that wasn't that good in most of his heyday. So I. It could also be said that Keith made the hard place look easy. That's true. That's a good point. Well, Geoffrey we're out of time. It was great talking movies. Ventures. Jeffrey, what's what's what's worth seeing this weekend? So-so comedy about two con con, women and Hathaway and rebel Wilson. Who once again, fat jokes all through the movie is okay? It has reminded me of thirty rotten scoundrels all is true with Kenneth Braun is we Shakespeare a little bit too long in mcallen, assented and danger Dench places older. Ironically, illiterate, wife, it's about the last three years of his life. Kenneth unrecognizable. I thought it was astonishing looking lot of scenery looks like paintings palms comes from a company called appalling movies. I think it's so bad and wasting Diane Keaton who I hope got a lot of money for this nonsense. She retires to to a your senior center in Georgia a community and seeing Jackie Weaver form a cheerleading team, and it makes fun of elderly people. And I just couldn't stand much as I adore. Diane Keaton and our work, right? So scoop that it token is an interesting job English movie about J are token. Cheers in World War One before he created the Lord of the rings. And I like this be better than I can take the rings movies. But they have a lot of fans all over the world. And it's a really interesting picturesque little film, then movie called my son, which is a French thriller about us about a kidnap, son. So and then this documentary Seren Getty rules about scientists who fifty years earlier started going to places around the world to try to see how the owner of nature isn't a learned that the predators of the valuable ones because if the predators left, then their prey up all the food, and then we would be really in trouble. So it's an interesting scientific, but really beautiful picturesque documentary. So bringing mother I would say he would probably like token best. See she's not the biggest Lord of the rings fan either. But she'll still enjoy the film. Yeah. Because a lot of the rink about his his romance with the young woman and World War One and his men his mother died when he was when he was a teenager and a very helpful pre K by the great ice. I reject the call Amini mentors him. And it's a lot of is at Oxford where he formed some very Keith friendships. And I think tha very Jovan kill them for everybody. But I liked it like the performance. Well, I'll I'll check it out in honored to be joined by New York's number one Red Sox. Look forward to denunciation. Thank you. Thank you. I can tell you. I will not be denouncing number eighteen on the Boston Red Sox as of yesterday. Donald Trump who hosted the Red Sox at the White House. Very nice of the Red Sox to show up eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine Debbie do hayme how the roads looking and I'm wishing Ed crane pulled the best as well. By the way. Let's you happening right now. Franken looks like a c- problem on the sawmill river Parkway southbound.

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