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I know how you can make an incredible keep everybody beer or stone. Cold music, sh-, big cat comes out tax. So if you got tanks say you got the call next year. Yeah. What is your plan? I'd swear a lot. They'll love you. If you cuss swear, lots. Would cause any remember. Yeah. Maybe remember their way series away to be. I dunno. I'd probably I it's weird because there's things being funny. Yeah. That's you're gonna trying to be honest. Because charted be like, hey, look like college is fun. But it really doesn't matter kind of that kind of thing. Like, hey, guess what? Guys. Like, none of this ship matters could tackle big cat. Bring him out on stage. And it'll be like Zac Brown. Right. That was real right? I might go. Sit front row that guy broke a rib. The I heard it was in sales also peaked JJ it was what if I sat front row like the godfather you saw my face. You're like, oh, Jesus Christ just freak in your underwear supposed to picture everybody in their underwear. Big cat will give you a model. It will just be there. Yes. Just that'll relax. I actually have a piece of advice. You should start out with joke. Do you want here? My favorite shirt. It's what's the difference between a chick pea Ghorban being what doesn't cost fifty bucks to have a Bonzo being on my chest. Okay. Okay. Chickpea got break the ice. I think actually the people Wisconsin with love that they went into the laughter. Yeah. So this I obviously live in Texas now and the Baylor school medicine gave me a doctorate degree. So I wasn't. I don't wanna put any pressure on the people..

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