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You guys out. I would love to. A huge thanks to my boy gag, Sam gagne, what a career he's had. We really appreciate him coming on. It was a great talk and look forward to catching up with him again once he retires. He's probably a couple more things he can mention to us, but I want to remind everyone that that interview was brought to you by masterworks. Did you know that a Wayne Gretzky rookie card sold for over a $1 million? Imagine finding that card in a pack of gum and then selling it for 1 million bucks 30 years later, it's nuts. But there are actually platforms that let you invest and collectibles like that one. Some do trading cards, wine, and even cars. But there's one that's picking up steam like no other masterworks. This platform lets you invest in paintings by Warhol, Monet and Picasso without spending millions. Early investors got a new IRR of 30% in 2020 and 2021 from the sale of two paintings with results like that, no wonder why over 300,000 people have signed up. If you want to join this art investing movement, log on to masterworks dot art slash chiclets. That's masterworks thought art slash chiclets. See important to disclosures at masterworks dot IO disclaimer. But check it out, masterworks, and I want to mention about the Detroit red wings and one of the guys we talked to gags about Maurice cider. First thing he did against the rangers that impressed me was truck stick Chris kreider. Kreider went to hit him in the corner and he pretended like he didn't see him coming and Peter forsberg style rocked him with a cold shoulder reverse hit and craters are big boy you do not see him get hit and tossed around the way cider did that often. The other thing cider did this past week is he became the 8th fastest defenseman in the history of the NHL to get 30 assists. He's behind the names of lidstrom, Larry Murphy. This isn't an order mark how kill my car, but this guy is a future Norris trophy winner, Maurice site or I love his game and his past week with the hit and the assist Mark really kind of a grab my attention as his entire season has gone. So all right, what are we chatting about next? Also to what that penalty kill and clip of him and this is not a name I bring up, but I couldn't help but think of Bobby as we went down one and came back the other just ragging the puck all over the place killing a penalty. It's a kale macar. Hybrid. It should be a good career. Yeah, it should be good stuff. Well, next up, your guys boy, wit, your boy, particularly Sidney Crosby, scored his 500th NHL goal against who else, the Philadelphia flies. He's the 46th play to do so. The 18th guy to do it with one franchise, he stood as most goals off a Hank lundqvist, 24 off of him, 14 awful lot, 12 off broad door. The best part, maybe this was evgeny Malcolm Gino congratulating himself on cognitive assistance. He's like any tagged himself on Instagram. Absolutely hilarious. And of course, they put the list of everybody who's assisted on Sid's goals. Boy, what would you remember 12? I think I was number 12 with was it 17 assists? I had a hilarious chirp come out and me via Twitter, the guy said, I wonder how many of those were actually primary assists. My guess is 7. If I were to guess. And then he said, pretty pathetic. I'm kind of paraphrasing. He's like, pretty pathetic to talk about all you did was snap it around, tape the tape. If all you got was 17 assists. Yeah, but that's 12. That means it was used to going back to his guys. I was actually shocked for the short amount of time you played with him that you were still number 12. Yeah, I was snapping it around to him. And I think that being a part of that power play for, I mean, so we were rookies together. So it was on the power play then, but not always on the first unit. And then I got, say, two and a half years of just first power play time with gone char malkin Crosby Malone. There was different guys bugs. These times John leclerc was in front of the one year, but I was just collecting the easiest assist of all time. I mean, you shoot on net Sid berry's rebound, you give it the gondry past the snipes. It's an easy game playing with him. And the fact that he's done it this way, and he got 500 awesome celebration in the crowd. I saw his dad, I think it was mom was there, and then biz, remember Rizzo? I think he's works with pap prasan, but the same clip when Crosby's rookie year. He scored that amazing winner in the shootout against Montreal. It's on his all time caps. He went backhand shelf water bottle goes fine. It was so similar to the picture that night of the video that night of Sid's dad and Rizzo jumping up and down in the stands at the old Mellon arena. So it's been a wild ride and to get 500 is pretty special. I mean, he's been a Hall of Famer. We'll win. Everybody. For everybody for so many years, talked about how he haunted the Washington capital franchise. But it was just a distraction because he has haunted the Philadelphia fire franchise. And all that he's done over time and then for him to score his 500th and he waited because I purposely think he waited just to dump on the flyers in a two goal come from behind win against them and OTs. So just to take another massive shit on the Philadelphia flyers when they're at their lows of low, Sid weights to dump on them. And it's honestly like it's like somebody's right in the story of a 6 or 7 points against them one night. I remember at home..

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