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Compost on the other side and i'm gonna tell you whenever i went to pot up anything i would go or transplant anything i go out there and my good compost any was so rich in y'all all my neighbors wanted so they'll did the konkan loopier compost why had a big compost pows geno norris yazdi i take take which what an people would would do that and i was just totally surprised at how fast i could compost and i was to it now frankly the boards that i use to again non pressure treated odd did not last they if i could get a season out of the boy words i felt blast so i was constantly specially down at the bottom i was constantly replacing boards because they would just rot away in the get termites and so then i would here's what i would do i i remember getting subterranean termites in a out on the lower boards so i replace them and i took the boards with the termites and i just moved over civil to stuck in the middle of the compost duluth termites would keep eating them and they did because i think it was pine who's used cheap pine in a termites just chewed that would up in the night compost the would how is that no i mean just that that was pretty cool so then i got the bright idea when the termites were attacking the new would again and this happens that.

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