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Well played. My mom's out here for crying out loud. Just trust us. It's only just tell you it is the rock star of 2020 definitely has been the doctor John Baloney Show Ramsey and the Redefining Anxiety book is flying off the shelves. No kidding. It really, really is all kidding aside. On. Um no, I'm having fun. I know you are. Your phone humor is just amazing, but oh, so we're gonna be generous here, then we're gonna take generous calls from you guys calls about generosity and It has, you know one things we did do this year's We added a co host to the show. And so every day one of the rooms of personalities is on the air. And that has been a huge edition. All joking and prodding and kicking and butt kissing aside all that stuff, But the You know John's a huge edition and the gas and work on my show. Work on his show is well on his podcast and taking live calls in the mental health field, and some of those are Rather tricky. Not exactly your mother's 401 K question that he gets so but he does have two PhDs and I don't so there's always that Dr squared. There we go. There we go. There we go. All right, Let's let's get out of this house. I think we're stuck here. All right. Kim is whether it's in Dayton, Ohio. Hate Kim. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey shot. Hi, Dave. And Dr John. I am so excited to talk to you. You to tell us you're giving story. Well, I'll tell you I am a nursing us that just I went to administer the school as a single mom and I've been blessed and I just want to give a shout out to all the sea are named after a man and Okay. This story is Karoo. It happened to me. About, I would say, eight or 10 years ago. It was about three weeks before Christmas, and I was in the dollar store and I when I put my stuff up on the counter, and the lady asked me to put the closed sign at the end of my stuff because, she says Have to get out of here and get my other job and I'm like, Oh, that's a farmer. You have to work here and then you go to another job. Because, yeah, I'm a single mom And you know I have to take care of my kids. And I said, Hey, I get it. I'm a single mom, too, And so I put my put to sign there and we got to talking and I said, What's your other job? And she said I'm a nurse's aide. And I'm like, Oh, wow, That's cool. I said, Well, I'm a nurse, and actually, I went back and Ted anesthesia and I said, Why don't you go to nursing school? And she said Oh, I couldn't do that. I don't have the money. I'm not smart enough. On and on, you know, so we talked for a couple minutes. I put my hand in my pocket and all I had was two twenties and I pulled it out and I said here, take this and give something you know. Get something for your kids for Christmas, she said. I can't take your money. I said, Listen, God has blessed me and I'm supposed to pass it on. But just please take it. And I also had a business card and I gave it to her. And I said, if you ever want to talk, you know you can call me or email me whatever. And I walked out of the store, and I didn't think about it again. And I bet you it was 2 to 3 years later. Probably three. I'm in surgery. I'm in the locker room, changing out of my scrubs, getting ready to go home and my phone rings and I don't recognize the number. And I never answer those calls. But for whatever reason, I answered the phone and she thought, Ken, this is Kelly. Do you remember me? I'm like, you know, And she said Well, the dollar store and I said, Oh, yeah, yeah, I remember you. And she said, I just want you to know that I took the card and I looked at it every day and I thought about you. And she said I'm about to graduate from most in school. Well, Oh my gosh. The room started to get there If I had to sit down. I'm like this is a god moment. Great. And then, she said. I want to know if you'll help me study. I'm like, Well, yeah, sure She came over, you know, within a week or so and help her study with my father finals. I don't know. 68 weeks later, I went to a graduation. Wow. I know, slipping awesome 40 bucks in a kind word 40 bucks and you can do it. That's right. I mean, there was five minutes I didn't think about it again. But anyway did keep in touch with her. And I called her last week when Kelly's Your Kelly called me to see emailed me to see if I wanted to be on the show, and I told her I said You weren't gonna believe this. But I'm.

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