Apple, Twitter, President Trump discussed on Accidental Tech Podcast


It sends us from the parts of it that we see which apparently is very little of it the parts of it that we see tell us. We are wasting our time. Whether it's true or not internally we can't see. But the part we see is you don't care about us. You are dismissive if you respond at all, and we are wasting our time doing this. So that's just a little rant about radar. But the fact is for this story the woman who is reporting this bug shouldn't have even been sent to radar in the first place because this wasn't that kind of bug. It was a product security thing and she emailed product security. Yeah. This makes me so angry that that she was told I'll just go file radar. That is such a it's it's I guess it's it's dismissive, and it shows that they. Weren't really reading things very closely. Exactly the same problem that happens with the radar book. Screeners? It's exactly the same. It's like you. You ask us to file bugs you ask people to report security problems. Like you ask us to do this. And those of us who take our time. And this doesn't take a small amount of time to do this kind of stuff. Those of us who take our time to do it more often than not get dismissed in a way that suggests they didn't even read it, right? This is such a big cue to this poor lady. Yup. Who took the time to actually do this the right way rather than just in. My understanding is you know, there's a series of tweets from a person with the with the Twitter handle beast mode, which I am quite impressed by anyway, John H Meyer, who I got in touch with the with the woman who whose child initially discovered the problem, and you know, she apparently made a video of it. She sent like a whole right up to apple about it. And the response from them was Oko file radar. How off pudding is that? How obnoxious off putting is that it makes? It makes my blood boil it. It's so ridiculous. It's just so obnoxious, and it makes me so angry. So the more charitable interpretation is not that there's any malice or dismissive nece there. But the just the volume of stuff comes in is such that they are overwhelmed with information, and they're sort of I pass filtering algorithm identifies. This as probably just some person who has some kind of bug. They wanna report. And that's that's the person is the the mom who this is a lawyer. And I if you look at the letter, it's not lawyer ease. But like I mean, maybe if you saw something that was from a lawyer or look like he was written by lawyer like maybe that doesn't like when you get a lot of input. And you get a lot of apple sure gets lots of people time in all sorts of things you have to have some sort of way of filtering it. And in the letter, I think the president asked about like bug bounties. Like a lot of companies pay people to find bugs, and I think one of the benefits of bug Bunny's, which apple has by the way, I think they just recently started a bunch of them. I think we're going to talk about an ATP a while back is that if you have a program where you're going to pay people for finding bugs, I think the people at the other end of that fire hose of incoming information probably have slightly different incentives because they're like the whole point of that program is to find the super valuable stuff, whereas the product security one probably gets way more. Like just random people with opinions about apple stuff or like people who think that their phone spying on them at night because it wakes up on a notification come like you who knows what kind of stuff they get..

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