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Ville, forty degrees. Coming up on the news at six this morning. Former Catholic priests gets twenty years in child rape case for people who really want to experience spooking us on Halloween, which is a week from today. Airbnb has listings that are believed to be haunted allowing people to spend the night in a house or cottage mansion manner castle new name it that they might be sharing with a ghost or to the closest one to us is the David Stewart farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania farmhouse and barn used as a field hospital after the civil war's battle of Gettysburg. So would you want to stay overnight in the house that's believed to be haunted or castle or mansion I don't care? Anyway, as long as you don't believe in ghost or things that go bump in the night shows and every time they turn around they walk over here, and they go what was that? And we go back over there. And then they go what was that was that was right where we left them jerks. TV tree. That's what it was. Ghosts was when Frank left without the check and disappeared. That's magic. I believe it's magic chargers usually surrounded by spirits is starting Friday night right afterwards. So. Starting now, what are you talking about? There is one truck Whitaker's BNB this in Brooksville, Florida. This is a different kind of BNB. This is a breakfast in bed travelers actually bring food to Chuck while he's he's a reclined in bed, and he's able to sample all of the the offerings. His idea of BNB occur. You ever had that he'll take it? All. Hey, ain't bad. Bad. You can rub. Some on yourself once in a while. Chuck we'll see in a couple of five forty eight twelve minutes now before six o'clock, if you want to join us here again is it time for the president as we have said to deploy the military. He did mention it again yesterday that he would use the military. But there's also there's something and Bill O'Reilly touched on this yesterday on our program with Mike Pompeo being one hundred percent sure that they're not gonna reach our border. They're not going to cross our border. So I'm wondering if they're cutting a deal with the Mexican government to head him off at the pass before they even get here. So we'll we'll see about that. Daddy, Bowe texting into the show today. Sean about the caravan the president should just keep using the phrase reliable sources, that's the term the dishonest media lives on when they bludgeoned the president. It's a good point. Chris in cades Ville says, yeah, let's not assume that our enemies around the world. We'll take advantage of the situation as they have before makes sense. As I said before I think there's more than just reliable sources. I think they probably had people already in that caravan that no and knows what's going on. And look as I said before this was the the president's signature issue in leading up to the campaign for the presidency. It's still remains that even though the Democrats say it's all about healthcare. This is the number one issue right now. And it seems the Democrats are playing their hand incorrectly. Once again. Trying to make a case for healthcare being the number one issue when we all know that it's this invasion of people coming in from other countries into this country. So another part of the story that is not being tell told or revealed or covered is that, you know, these these women in German that are that are being used as props shields propaganda pieces, or whatever the case may be many of them are becoming ill on this track on this journey to the US southern border. Sprained ankles and children are start at one Merson die one person passed away. But what's happening here is that they're going home? The governments of Guatemala Honduras and Mexico are having to send buses to pick up. These people who are just flat out exhausted. And there there's medical treatment has to be given for these. So they're going home. And that's not being covered only has been covered as you're trying to again, recruit more and more of the military age males to get into this curve. And you know, what's really interesting is I've heard all the figures, and I'm sure the numbers are growing, and that is the amount of money that is costing for these people to trek up to our country the last I heard it was twenty one million dollars. I'm sure it's probably even more now when you put a value on on everything so all that money, if these people were that impoverish, and these nonprofit organizations the donors you're giving to them to make all this possible. They would just give these people some of the money directly. They might not even want to have to come here to begin with hard fourteen WCBS six eighty one eight hundred WCBS eighty if you'd like to comment we'd love to.

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