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So rather reasoned response by Bianchi on Dan Maul and much more reason than many of you in many in the media. So maybe maybe we were too hard on Mullen yesterday. Meanwhile, we're three and a half hours away from learning week one of the college football poll a couple of you get a wide variety. I was on with Heather earlier on some shows and we're pretty much chalk when it comes to where we see it. And after tonight, it really doesn't matter where anybody else sees it. I thought it was interesting that Danny canal and I think we tried to get Danny on today, but for some reason he was going to be tied up. Listen to his top ten Georgia Michigan state, you can't argue that Oklahoma three, you can't argue that Cincinnati forward, I agree with that. Ohio State 5? Okay. Wake forest 6 problem with that, Alabama 7, how do you put Alabama behind wake forest? Yeah, I'm well aware, wake forest. Is undefeated. Alabama behind wake forest, that is interesting. Wow, we have to get Danny on in a couple of days. See if we can get his rationale behind that other than the obvious. 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5 is the number. Let's check out Mike who is in Houston. Hey Mike, go ahead. Paul, I thought Mike Bianchi's description of Dan Mullen, you could easily insert Danny canal into that sentence. He's always had this bitterness regarding the SEC. And there's a high likelihood that you know him better than I do. Why is that? I mean, you know, he played for Florida state, right? He did, and he was a really good quarterback. I did college football live with Danny for about two or three years before he left ESPN. And my theory on Danny is that he just likes to drop Malta of cocktails in the swimming pools of SEC fans. Well, and that makes sense. I mean, when you're in the business of sports commentary, dropping a few bombs can help with your rating. I figured maybe he just really wanted to play in the SEC and didn't get the opportunity. And went to FSU instead, which obviously was not a bad gig when he played because he was an excellent college quarterback. No, and they had great teams, too. Yeah. But I just wanted to. You think I would be the last person to start a because I get accused of it all the time that people think I just say things to say them to get attention to make a name for myself. Yeah, all the usual things. I think Danny just thinks there are a couple of people like that. And some of them are very obvious, by the way. That they just do things to get Twitter hits and it's fine. It really I just pointed it out for the obvious reason. But it just doesn't mean very much. And by the way, and I don't thanks for the call. I don't mean to be too hard on tonight. I think it's an important benchmark. But once you start hearing the committee chairman roll out tonight, he's going to say the same thing. He's going to I was just reading an article by Dan woken, who I'll just read you this article regional line here because it's pretty much exactly what I was going to say until I read it ran into it. He said, he said, instead of hearing real facts and transparency, we will, instead, we will we will get reporters questions being batted down like phrases like we looked at the entire body of work and data points. And he said, it's infuriating. We fall forward every time. I've always wondered and questioned why can't we get transparency? Why can't we find out what's really going on in that room? And you always hear well, the people in the room wouldn't be wouldn't feel as comfortable. The Supreme Court puts names by decisions. And that's all we're only deciding the future of mankind. That's the problem with college football. They have always taken themselves too seriously. And what you see tonight is a perfect example. And by the way, I don't want to act like I'm not my employer is not part of it. They're a partner in this. We all know that. So my question is probably ought to be to them as opposed to Bill Hancock. Let's continue. Speaking of questions, how about Daryl? In Georgia hey Daryl. Paul? We're doing great, Daryl, thank you. I'll just get you ready for game 6 of the World Series, getting ready for college football for cold to come out. I mean, we all know it was going to be number one. You know what, I would go Georgia, okay? I would go Michigan state, I would go Alabama and then a fall from you could give a house day Oregon, I don't really care. Cincinnati nope all. This is wild, okay? Who have they beat all the game? Whoopie dude. The problem is, they don't have nobody else to play. And they need to get in the real copper. I mean, they beat navy boxes. They're getting in the big 12 Daryl. They're getting in there, Paul, but they're not there. Do you think that it would be Alabama? No. No. I mean, you know, I just, I just don't see. And I don't know what person is getting pop for. I don't think that they deserve to be there. Paul. Last of a year ago, the Gators were praising Mueller. I mean, he was the best thing since last Brad..

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