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That's right. So what a piece of what a bit of placing to just get them qualified for the national tree days before the national way to come out. And I was phenomenal. I was a great trainer performance. If anything, I feel a small bit sorry for Brian Hayes. Who had ridden the house to win a maiden and his beginners chase and Galway. And probably don't let and run on the horse. And, you know, when he was all to the Whaley cones, Brian obviously lost her age. You're not due to Sam raiden. No, look, you might never draw them anyway. I don't know, but just look at it. That's the way it kind of worked. Bringing this year, there was no school on the car ride this year for at in the ground was a bit dry. The weather has been quite dry and they didn't put up a school in this year in the car. So a lot of people were stocked for jump and fence jump in the national defense issue. So there would have been a lot of Irish horses going to enter this year that would have only jumped to an easy fixed fence with a bit of birch Toronto on top of it. You know, there wouldn't have gone in school or a proper national fence in the car. Maybe Ted Walt, I don't know what kind of school and national defense he has, but he was a pretty good fences, maybe he has pretty good national defense in his yard. I don't know about Ted would have no qualms about letting anyone school over a national fence. It's not about the winning and losing. Because them at Mullins brought his horse to Ted Walsh's school overnight offenses. That's not the reason they beat him. The reason he beat him was because he was the best horse in the day. He was well handicapped, well enough the right way. And I mean, he was conceding where he was getting away from the second, the way it probably be any second now. And his edge is ten, whereas the winner is only 7. Slightly fresher set of legs over that trip, it's a really telling as well. So Mark Walsh gave any second now every chance to win the race. Every chance. He was brilliant. You gave him a brilliant rage, and it didn't come off from boss. He could walk out of entry known that there was no excuses, not like last year, where they felt they were unlocking. That's what seconds here. It's when you come out of there and you're just, you know, you couldn't have done anything else. That's when you're happy. And then you'd be happy for the winner, and you're happy for yourselves. And they were happy. And that's it. And Ted Walsh was happy. I mean, how many run is one of our national? The way he calls. I haven't won a grand national. Ted Walsh has been one of grand national have been placed in plenty. In samwell, Robert Reilly con an absolute gentleman. Yeah, there are a lot of money and they buy a nice horses. But you know, it was a gamble buying that horse in the back of that run and where to be last year with the grand national in mind. It was a great show. And you have to admire their precision buying Florida as well. You know, it's a very hard thing to do, is to see cars find out about them not knowing a lot about them and take a chance and buy the house, you know, and they did, and they won the grand national. And Sam William Cohen got his first ride in the harass challenge. And he didn't run great and Sam got a great field of Michelle. He got a great feeling. He said he decided to decide to put your cheek pieces on him after the run in Shelton. That made the difference because when he hit the front during the day, he could have idled with the cheek pieces helped him. And I thought he.

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