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Is there a top priority and they're confident you'll be pleased with their services. So head on over to socially supportive dot com and click the blue host picture today for more information. Hellos social pack, welcome to our best of guest appearances week. That's right. There have been over one hundred fifty episodes of the socially supportive podcast. Why? Yes, over one hundred fifty episodes and part of the objective of putting out the podcast is to put within your grasp at the tip of your fingers information that otherwise could be challenging to come up with. So part of what I do for you is every once in a while stop and make sure that you have access to episodes that you may not have heard, and I do this by referencing older episodes in the episodes that I'm recording. But what I did last week is make sure that the episodes that you may not have heard were just highlighted for you that would give you the most bang for your buck and make sure that your program is on point this week. I am doing. Something similar, but a little different. I am bringing to you the best guest appearances that we have had that you may not have heard. That's right. So this week I'm bringing to you so that you don't have to go searching or rewinding through episodes. I'm bringing to you the best guest appearances that we've had with information that could really help you out in terms of making sure that your program is where it needs to be for digital and social customer care. So these are episodes that I think you may not have heard, sit back, relax and just enjoy what I've got for you this week. Today's inspiration comes to us from Paul Ryan who said every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together. I know so fitting, right and our book of the day which is also fitting is a fantastic book by Jeff, how called crowd sourcing. NG why the Power of the crowd is driving the future of business today. Like I said, we're talking about why community should be part of your digital strategy, and we have a guest to help us understand that. Who is it? Not gonna tell you just yet, but here's some information about him. He has over twenty five years of international experience working with technologies that bring people and companies together to collaborate, solve problems and improve business results at talent of errant company are gassed helps customers and partners leverage online communities to enhance customer service, build brand loyalty through deeper engagement, drive innovation, boost employee productivity, and increase profitability, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to our show Mr.. Jon Allen, John great to have you on the show. Hey, Frankie. Good morning. It's so good to be here. Yeah, I'm so glad that we. Were able to connect and get together because both of us as we were talking about before we started recording are so busy, making sure that we are ready for this wonderful insight group customer service summit that we will both be attending. I know that television is a sponsor of this event, so you will be available for people who are listening to the show for them to meet you and come say hi and everything. You bet. We're going to be neighbors Lovie right next door. Yeah, our votes are going to be right together. And as the listeners might know, Taligent, which is a variant company is this month sponsor of the socially supportive podcast. And also our listeners know that I only Bonsor companies that I really believe in and television is a company that I have used in my career for quite some time and have had tremendous success with. So I'm really excited to help companies understand that in digital strategy community should be a huge part of that. So I figure. Bringing you on would be really helpful in having people have a deeper understanding of why communities should be part of their digital strategy. So can you help us understand that assure Kim Frankie? Look, it's pretty tough up there in business. If you think about the digital age ensures competition that the connectedness has created, companies need to do a lot better job. Just create great products, right? They need a real differentiator and the business that I'm in is about people connecting to people, people connect technology to learn and improve their businesses. So you know, we get an opportunity to work with companies to help them really improve their customer service experiences. They gave reduce their costs. They can gain insights about how people are using or not using their products and services in. They really can't stand out in a somewhat crowded market. Now, one thing that I have found in using the telegenic community is that especially with. Technical types of topics that people love to come together and share their knowledge about something technical with someone else who has knowledge of something technical. So I know personally that that's one case where community is really helpful. That's a great use case for getting people together. Do you find that to do if you think about the way particularly technical people? I mean, a lot of their self worth is around how much they know, but also how much they can help others. Right? Those are the real superstars, particularly in the technical space. I mean, communities, give them a chance to not only share what they know, but they can even gain a reputation that they can take with them for the rest of their careers. That is a really great point that if someone is able to go out and help someone else, you get that feeling of self worth and you know you're happy about what you were able to provide for someone else. But another thing about that. If we're talking about someone who's sharing their knowledge from a business perspective, that really helps to showcase what they know what they're able to provide out there in the business world and gives them sort of spotlight for a while. That's a really big benefit. It certainly is big benefit. I mean, frankly, if you think about the circles that we run it right people pay attention to our experiences, what we've learned, things that have worked things that just didn't work right, but that's all about learning and sharing, and people can really get a lot out of that. Right. So when you're in a community, it is a place for people to build a reputation up to stand out in the crowd. And in all honesty, change the way that people view of products and services provided by brand? Yeah. What a great point to, and I know that talent agent has been a leading social community platform provider since two thousand four, which I think is unusual as that Ryan. There aren't many people I can say that. But yeah, we've been around since two thousand four. We were acquired by Vance in twenty fifteen because they wanted to make their customer engagement portfolio more socially engaging. So with that much experience under our belt since two thousand four, not just with technology, but with our know how we bring a lot of value to not just our customers that we go direct to as a business, but also to the Barents customers that are using their products that wanna make them more socially engaging. It's a really great track record. I think that not many companies these days can hang their hat on. And I think it's really important to say with a different technology companies that are out there. We know that technology is rapidly advancing in changing which causes some players to come and go at causes, people to common show up on the scene, and though they may have really great technology if they don't have that sort of launch. Seventy in the space, it's challenging, especially for large companies to make an investment into a piece of software or a platform when there is not that history of a long standing providing of quality and a commitment to a customer relationship. So I think that's really important to point out. You've been around for quite some time delivering on your promises to your customers. We have Frankie and one of the things that I wanted to point out too is we had Sarah grace mccandless from Sykes who came on last thoughtful Thursday, which was up forty six. She shared her top three forum best practices to let us know what she thought should happen when you are providing customer service in a community forum typesetting. And one of the things that she said was important is to make sure that you make the information. In your community forum, easy to find for your consumers, your customers, whoever is the user of this community forum, and I think telegenic got some features in there that make it certain that people are able to find search easily for what it is that they're looking for that, right. We do with our products. Something that we like to make sure happens is that certainly information is easy to find, but we also through our engine make recommendations to both contents or people that might be relevant to that particular user. So they can't find something that they're looking for of the system will recommend to them what they might be looking for. And at that point they can get right to that contents or they can actually see the author if the authors online because we have presence indications, they can engage them straightaway with a private message or chats or simply requested friend or follow them. That is so neat. So when we talk about being able to get involved in a community situation, you can actually have engagements through different chats and things like that inside the telecom platform where you can really get deep into whatever conversation you might be having with another community member. Absolutely. So we like to consider connecting people to people and people to content, and sometimes it's easier just to get access to somebody that knows a lot about the subject you're looking for in the big can help you out at that point. When you say that, what that brings to mind for me as I have been focused very much in the last few years in trying to understand return on investment for digital properties when you're delivering social customer care in the digital realm for so long people said you just have to do it or you won't be in business. And I looked for deeper meaning and deeper understanding of what that exact return on investment. Because your executives are giving you some amount of money to go out and create this digital place where customers can receive service and you wanna be able to tell them how exactly that's impacting the bottom line for your organization. And one of the things that is interesting about a community platform that I don't know if people have thought about this, but one of the things that's interesting about support communities is that when you have someone who's calling you for service over the telephone, you have to have an age on the other end of that phone who's picking up the phone answering that question. Then if you've got someone who's on a support chat, you also have to have one agent for that one call. So you've got one to one diatoms engagements in a support community that is not the case in support community. What I learned from using the television community is that when you create a community and you provide knowledge articles and information for us. Of your community, they can do a couple of things that really help make an impact on the bottom line. They can either choose to serve themselves just by searching like we were just talking about for the information that's available or they can choose to talk with another

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