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Something pack going cannock gesture over four out they look like they'd been in ovens thirty minutes it was magnificent it was almost like tom and jerry when something blows up and they're all covered with like the nash it looks exactly like that that is the most redneck thing i've done is full over laugh at somebody who had a box full of fire go off the back seat of a car yeah i'm not going to keep asking this question is somebody's gonna commit to crime admit to crime please someone take the take the mic i have a question i want to ask spencer first and then got free it is from m h g nine four on the shutdown focused ready which everyone should friend or whatever you do america's only called football nets metro i have one free day in nashville what should i do spencer leap go to nap godfrey stay and sleep all right those are your choices or or my superior answer leave and gets a decent bar well we'd bottled emphasis barbecue and brought it here so yeah so whatever we've been trying to keep this up for like ten years now and i'm just like whatever i pay taxes here i'll always win why 'cause i won't ever let it go now here's the problem it's slowly turning into the part where you're the person on this podcast who cares the most about tennessee and that's how you lose you know that's a very damaging thing to say about so.

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