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Over here yet He's. The budding singer songwriter in the movie and in the film Sharon finds his character brings him on tour and watches him turn into a superstar pretty much playing, the Beatles music, Sharon, says very clever they shouted. Around loads of my. Gigs so it was a very intense couple of months because I. Would have four days of gigging and then three days of, shooting a film is playing myself Senator How is that bad Interesting over there wasn't much to mess. Up the movie Mark Sharon's. First major acting role he previously appeared on TV shows that game of thrones. And bastard as executioner I don't even know what that is also had a cameo. In Bridget Jones baby. That was pretty funny what? Was what's bastard execution British so show I've. Never heard of it yeah Yeah To, anyway he described the experiences is popping in for. Dare so making a. Cameo But he said in the borough film this, full days onset twelve hour days he said he hoped to continue working in Hollywood noting he loved. To make a musical similar to the film. Once which came in two thousand seven I wanna. Make something like that Dumping we're songs dictate the film in a way I. Can't see myself playing an adventure Want to be The ad. In a Cape. That'll be hilarious So that reminds me I saw the. Other night on What's the show that The old the not the judges that. Were on American idol the one that comes from Simon of is at the, x factor or something whatever it. Is. America's. Got talent okay okay I.

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