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One is enough i look enough right you see what it looks like okay moving on the other one the victoria's secret models i will say this a pretty diverse and they always they have been for for a long time i mean shit the top and the game was naomi campbell for fucking years like she was the queen for years curvy no black like she's talking about women of color pretending out a person's color the reigning queen for years and years and years was naomi campbell like that was top of the pops and then you had cindy crawford and they need very little calm i mean there was she would kind of say like i was the first black woman on sports illustrated stuff like that but it wasn't a huge crusade it was just i'm hot who's doing grace jones like yeah it was a model they and then you do you throw in giselle giselle brazilian that's another woman of like there's a bunch of women of color like most of the models everything giselle woman of color yes she's she's latino she's not she's not white like she's from brazil yeah she's from brazil she's latino like that's that's her skin color that's her brazilian brazilian is okay that's that is classified as latino james if you were of any latin dissents that's what they classify as so brazil the two main languages are believe portuguese and spanish so it's it is definitely not english in it has nothing to do with any white people in brazil brazilian and that is that is it so you're classified under the latino category to me victoria's secrets sports illustrated they've always been good with finding exotic women from around the globe to fill these slots the fact that now you want to be trans on their victoria secret i don't want to guess at if you might have been dude or not at some point in your life i don't wanna fuck and see that shit.

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