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I'm i'm really pleased that this is wherever having our world premiere while congratulations year this this is a long time coming said since 2004 has been working on this film test self put your heart and soul unfilled congrats years now thank you so much is the row fleischer speaking with you thank you a black police officer seeks revenge after being egregiously profiled and assaulted by his colleagues in this series political satire by actor director corey bowls cory bowls is a montrealborn nova scotia raised actor director and choreographer best known for his role as cory in trailer park boys he is the director of short films such as scavengers part of rhyme and anatomy of assistance the latter two of which has screen at the festival black cop is his first featurelength film and as an expansion of his two thousand sixteen short of the same name thanks so much for listening to vent segment of the black rollers podcast my name is jamie i'm your host very excited here over the toronto international film festival you know we've been watching a lot of movies visa we've been egner some directors and i'm sitting out here with director corey bowl to the all black cop is currently screening cure at test and we're going to talk about it cory thank you so much for being our podcast thanks for having me experts listen i love this though i really dead i i think it's a film that's needed um.

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