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Remove whether it's pushing the ball in the transition whether it's getting back on defense whether it's just a ability to move around the court defensively dig they've disappointed in a lot of those areas and so that's what i mean i think those guys just haven't been good enough in this series for the sixers to win ballitser now a little bit more to the rest of the game what else did you have on this one here oh i thought a lot of the sixers support players just did not have good games overall covington was pretty awful in this one top to bottom i mean defensively he was getting beat one on one he is a better help defender than made demand offender it which is sometimes hard to convey it's like the he's better things that are harder to see but he had a rough defensive game here and then couldn't buy a shot whether it was close to the basket or or his threes coming tandem to finish up on him if you're going to transition someone else i think yeah and that's been the most display aspect is just how many times has just gotten beaten like unafraid line drive like ninety just totally out of the picture as the guy gets through and i felt okay maybe he's not strong enough to guard like a lebron or something like that but for guys like tatum who does have great footwork but but even like you'll horford blue by one time it was marcus morris giving there there are a lot of guys who are just able to get right to the rim on him like straight line drives there so fast that the help can't even get their you know he's not even like making these guys go around and basically so and then obviously the shooting you know that's gonna wax and wane within that's just how it is and so he other than one play late did not close link twenty five minutes in this game was bell melian and radic together done them the sixers overall pie didn't lose this game on defense necessarily at least you know overall in the scheme of things but yeah interrupted you what else did you have.

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