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The whole like i always thought i would be good in the old west 'cause i feel like it'd be a good gunfighter but i wouldn't be able to stay in the bugs and there was no exterminators or bug spray land so i think i would go crazy all this are the bugs in the desert fucking horrible ants fucking spiders koreans i meant like flying bugs not as many there's not a big water supply one hundred ten degrees the moss it's not the mawson in san diego big is your fucking hand and one of those bugs upper i used to eat them for pitches severe i will grab them and i'll be like i'll eat this veer philly we've yeah we did this to get there for the weekend we get back you know and we'd have the weekend offer leave and i drink for y'all weaklings on eight like fuck for three days bird's hurt tarantulas rattlesnakes will faulk that that's california's count fucked up where where you go there's some fucked up shit running around that you don't wanna really fuck with i feel like indiana we got pretty lucky do you're pretty lucky are fucking horrifying there's no trenches here if they're around i would care those little those little baseball bats you get a little yeah out of my fucking cattle prod around for them temperature dude that movie arachnophobia with john goodman he was exterminator have you ever seen it oh my god that's a coke classic for reason this so fucking funny he has fucking like the that big ghostbuster thing with the spray did you see eight legged freaks it's basically like snakes on a plane but for spiders yes and who's the arquette the plate in that all the wanted wanted one and scream he was in courtney losses gave it okay here's a good story i'm a huge iffy david arquette you're the only one from scream in that re rumble royal rumble movie or what know if it's what's called but i know this love him he wcw champion for awhile stock legitimate wrestling is asian state him there champagne i yes and i and that was really interesting back then so i was huge david arquette fan always have been so i kinda know jamie kennedy a little bit because i done some shows with stuff and he was he was he came to more needs to do one night or show and there was like a horror movie convention or something rocco hor pitcher shell people well now just horror movie so corrected jamie kennedy big type we actually have those the rocky horror yeah oh yeah so anyway they go he the scream they go to these horb second jordan so we are going to more and jamie kennedy walks up and i'm like hey jamie how you doing whatever and then they are steady right next saying which are he was coming and i'm like i'm standing any oh weird and like and jimmy goes hey we don't mind but can we come my friend in in his friend david our cat i was like fuck you awkward awkward like literally what i said to be like who the fuck this clown i was going to go away tuesday i have no idea how he pulled courtney cox the game away bronx funny that's why he's cool fucking funny especially long yard courtney cox yeah yeah she was hot i don't know why she looks like now i'm probably not cheese transformation into a complete cybernetic i don't think she went the right way not the best actress in the world suck uses the word i was looking for three thousand miles to graceland with kerr i and i'll stink chick from friends yeah that's yes sir monica yeah okay she's not she's got to be a smoke show now she started she started going now now on lower work on they need what do they do that star it started the longest yard that's why why did she do to south why wouldn't you just still going to be pretty if shannon done all that tour so take taken on a bad day she looks like a bad life she looks like the guy that wanted to be a cat and he tried to do it with plastics jordan did you say that you went to the rocky horror maybe i.

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