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And this is a matchup against Cincinnati on the Sherpur twenty eight. You've not giving players juice all year. He's got a matchup against Cincinnati. That is as good as it gets. I think you're for touchdown. I think you're good for close to one hundred yards you'd play him over Acklin both view. How would you both blame over because that's all I've got all week. And when Mike and I had the waiver show. It was I if I had I wasn't going to go out and spend a priority on Justin Jackson as of right now. I still have Ecuador ahead of Justin Jackson in my rankings. But I'll tell you who I would play Justin Jackson over. I would play. Justin Jackson over Marla MAC over Josh Adams Holman over Jordan Howard. But I'm not gonna this is the start of the week for those that, you know, you squeaked in the playoffs or you have Melvin gorge. You lost Kareem you lost Melvin any one of those situations where you're scrambling. He is I would rather, you know, don't throw Dion Lewis back in the lineup. Put Justin Jackson, if if you've got your for nets. And wears and dalvin cooks, and Tariq Owens start them. But Justin Jackson belongs in playoff matchups. Here ahead of those. Guys that have been disappointing you weaken and week out. Just go with the new hotness. In a great matchup up. I'm gonna go with dalvin cook who is seemingly in a bad spot against the Seattle Seahawks. They've actually been giving it up to fantasy running backs. And I know that was that you look at the box scores of who the heavy hitters. But then Jeff Wilson. My name is Jeff me like Jeff wasn't as I was thinking about this on the drive in. Jeff Wilson is the ghost of Sean drone for the San Francisco forty Niners of the the big salad himself. Oh, who's just giving. You absolute incredible volume. Like, he was perfectly fine and Dovid cook looks healthy..

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