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M y I HD to San Diego. Live local breaking house vote on an article of impeachment against the president this week following the pro Trump attack at the Capitol of Marilyn Haider in the Cocoa New Center, House Republicans blocked a measure calling on Vice President Pence and the Trump Cabinet to remove the president by invoking the 25th amendment delaying consideration until tomorrow. The House will vote on impeachment Wednesday. This new impeachment resolution, says quote President Trump gravely endanger the security of the United States and its institutions of government. He threatened the integrity of the democratic system, interfered with the peaceful transition of power and imperils a coequal branch of government. He thereby betrayed his trust as president to the manifest injury. The people of the United States. It's likely House lawmakers will vote Wednesday on impeachment, and Democrats are expected to have enough support for their effort. But that's exactly one week before Joe Biden's inauguration that is Mike Emanuel. This time they'll be ready. The inauguration of President elect Biden will be held in the same risers in the same spot at the Capitol, where the mob attacked. The U. S Secret Service Special agent in charge who is leading the inauguration. Security says the two events are not comparable from a security standpoint, the theme For the event will be America United, an issue that has long been a central focus for Joe Biden, but one that has taken on added weight following last week's attack. Biden himself has not expressed concern about his own personal security at the inauguration. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf is stepping down from his post days after criticizing the president over the riot at the Capitol in San Diego, three people who were arrested in five police officers Or injured during the clash over the weekend and PB between left wing and right wing extremists. Police say the injuries were minor. Two officers after police to rocks and glass bottles at them and unlawfully assembly was declare two adults were arrested and one juvenile was arrested for assaulting an officer. The San Diego Zoo, says two gorillas at the Safari Park of tested positive for Corona virus and another is asymptomatic or is rather symptomatic, marking the first known transmission of the virus to a species. Governor. Newsome says the vaccination side at Petco Park in downtown San Diego is one of three large sites being set up statewide this week. We recognize that the current strategy is not going to get us to where we need to go is quickly as we all need to go, and so that's why we're speeding up there. Castration, not just priority groups, but also now opening up large sites to do so. Meaning Dodger Stadium. Padre Stadium. Cal Expo these large mass vaccination sites. The vaccination side at Petco is over from 7 A.m. to 7 P.m. seven days a week. The aim is to vaccinate 5000 people a day. The goal today 2500. It is by appointment only and so far open to health care workers and phase one A, and that includes every single type of health care professional. On Wall Street. Today, the Dow was down 89 at 31,008. Now let's check Coco's real time Traffic with my Can Cock. Good afternoon from your hopeful San Diego 100 dealers Traffic center. Problem in the North County in Vista Eastbound 78 PX activist village Drive is closed down, crashing a small brushfire that's been put out there and you gotta back up on the east 78 right around emerald Drive over to Mr Village, but it's only 24 minutes out to Escondido from the coast Bridge Traffic looking good. So far, North Island out to Spring Valley..

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