Kamala Harris, California, President Trump discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


By Flame Sign Lisa let Sarah Fox News over a dozen firefighters battling one of California's multiple wildfires injured while trying to protect the fire station. Near the central California coast as officials called the fire season historic California governor Gavin Newsom said of the more than two million acres that have burned in the state this year, most of burns since the lightning strikes in mid August over the weekend, the extremely aggressive Creek fire tour through the Sierra Nevada forced North east of Fresno trapping campers briefly. We had 214 individuals that were rescued. Near mammoth pools Shaver Lake area with these helicopters that made their way and you could see on this video, some of the images of people that are coming off that should helicopter that was because of the bravery of our National Guardsmen and women. Cal Fire says more than 14,000. Firefighters are battling multiple fires around the state. Jessica Rosenthal, Fox News in parts of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming has been a wild drop in temperatures in some areas have seen snow. One damaging winds. Tens of thousands of lost power. Another troop drawdown, a senior administration official says President Trump will announce a further reduction of U. S troops in Iraq tomorrow. That announcement will be followed by a reduction in U. S forces in Afghanistan. To be announced in the coming days. This evening, President Trump held a rally in Winston Salem, North Carolina, where he took aim a Democratic vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, You know what? People don't like her? Nobody likes her. She could never be the first woman.

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