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She wants within ten years and also whether to run it concurrent to his other sentences or stack it on top. So it could be you know, as low as what he faces right now and concurrent so just keep it at four years or it could be ten on top of those four years which makes it fourteen and he entered the courtroom on Thursday for sentencing. He was in a wheelchair suffering from I believe. Gout as well as other elements. He's been in jail for nine months after being indicted on witness tampering charges in the Manhattan. DA, according to your story is pursuing a case against Mr. Manafort related to Bank fraud charges. You know, given these additional charges and problems the four years that he got hardly seems like the light at the end of the tunnel. It's not I mean, it's definitely the best. I think his lawyers could have hoped for and is probably the lowest that they could have hoped for. But he clearly faces at least a few more years in the Washington DC case. And unless he receives a part in. He's probably looking at, you know, five six seven years in prison. Let's go back away run run-up, Mr. Manafort his head, shall we say quite an interesting colorful career as a lawyer as an advisor to Republican presidents as a lobbyist representing dictators. But didn't as problems really start a few years back after the money from his Ukrainian clients dried up, so that's when the Bank fraud allegations. Started. So he's making millions and millions of dollars in the early twenty tens advising politicians in Ukraine. He brings some of that money into the US through regular routes, but other of that money he tries to pay vendors and other expenses directly, which is sort of what ends up getting him in trouble on the tax issues. Then starting in two thousand fifteen he doesn't really have that same income stream anymore. He goes to multiple banks to try to take out pretty large loans on various properties, he owns and misleads banks about the other banks. He's going to and what loans currently has on those properties. And so that's the Genesis of the Bank fraud allegations. And again, we should say Mr. Manafort faces sentencing in that second case this coming Wednesday, Wall Street Journal reporter Ruina Vishwanath joining us from Washington. Thanks, thanks for having me. And that's what's news. I'm Charlie Turner in New York for the Wall Street Journal..

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