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Court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, worked from home Friday released from the hospital after landing there earlier this week President Trump was asked about Justice Ginsburg, she gets better. And I hope she serves of the supreme court for many many years eighty five year old fell in her office at the Supreme Court Wednesday evening fracturing three ribs, Emily row. ABC news Washington has says she has no plans to retire expecting to serve at least five more years on the bench. The FAA this week issuing an emergency directive about the new Boeing seven thirty-seven passenger jet involved in that lion. Aircrash last. Month killing everyone on board. ABC news, senior transportation correspondent David curly. And what officials are saying the Indonesian say in that flight off of Indonesia that the plane actually kicked into a safety feature that caused a nosedive now this can be overridden by the pilot, which is what Boeing telling airlines to check. Go back to the manual if the system kicks in which is a software technical glitch, the pilots should override that. And then fly the plane police in Italy have caught up with alleged thieves who carried out a bold blinking heist in Venice ABC's. Megan Williams has the story Italian police say it took months of examining video footage. Cellphone records and social media to catch five suspects arrested in Croatia for carrying off with jewels worth several million dollars from event as museum police used images to measure, the men's height and even compare a ring one war with the same ring. He wore on a Facebook posting for corporations and a Serbian are now in custody. One of the arrested is believed to be part of a global network of jewelry thieves known as what? Else the pink Panthers? Megan Williams, ABC news, Rome..

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