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Product or even just developing a new idea. So today we're sharing an episode exploring the question of how to think about running businesses with mental models from one of the greatest business people in history elon. Musk if that sounds like your jam. Keep listening for to mental models that elon. Musk uses to run his businesses. And how you can use them to welcome back to founders journal my personal audio diary where i give you the business builder the tools you need to think better in order to build better whether that's building business a team or new product. Let's hop into it so as you may or may not know last week was ilan mosques. Fiftieth birthday and in celebration of that. I took time to go down the rabbit hole to better understand how the edison about our generation thinks. So i'm not going to give the elon. musk biography. We've all heard of him. He's an eccentric entrepreneur. Who's worth a hundred sixty billion dollars. C- of tesla spacex founder of neuro link boring company former. Ceo pay pal and while these are accurate ways to describe yuan. I believe that for us to learn from one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. The edison of our era. We need to study how he thinks versus study the products of his thinking. If that makes sense so in honor of ilan's fiftieth birthday today. I'm talking about the mind of elon. Musk and specifically. I'm going to break down two of the most important lenses through which ilan looks at the world. The first lens is something. I call some product thinking some product thinking is a mindset of collaborative societal progress over individual success. It's this idea of abundance over constraints. Let's compare that to zero sum thinking whereas zero sum thinking is a belief that your gain is my loss some product. Thinking is a belief that your gain or my gain. Both of our gains is all of society's gain so let's take that a step further. Some of you may have heard of zero-sum thinking and others may have not then there's one thing beyond zero something which is positive thinking and positive sum thinking is a belief that you winning doesn't mean that i'm losing and vice versa. So zero sum thinking is the idea that when we're competing were competing over a fixed pie. That goes to you or me. Positive sum thinking is about us. Competing actually leads to a larger pie that we each get to participate and have a piece of and so where does some product thinking. Come in here. Well the way. I look at it as some product. Thinking is positive some thinking on steroids. This mindset doesn't just accept a larger pie through competition it doesn't take a passive role. It actively invites competition in order to accelerate the pie. Getting bigger for all of us and that is exactly how elon musk thinks but to understand how. Some product thinking manifests in his work. We need to understand what motivates him. And if you have ever watched an elon. Musk interview or read his biography. By ashley vance. It becomes very clear very quickly..

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