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Workers is to always keep yourself give yourself a little spritz of Cologne and Nice because yeah it makes a nice impression and now he ceded deny immediately laughed and as you would suspect he smells just divine. It is the aforementioned Willie mcginest. What's happening Fella. I'm just chilling off a little combine. Run Yeah being able to evaluate the the young new talent coming into the league and being able to rub elbows with the coaches and gyms and just talk football. It's probably it's probably like that. Week is one of the best weeks in football. It is in the sense that I was striking to me. Was this season. That right after the Super Bowl In in the where the giants the Patriots two weeks later. You're right back out in indy. And your and you realize oh the super bowl. That's amateur hours. This is where this this is where the pros are gathered. This is where there's yeah there's no riffraff. I remember sitting at a bar next bill. Belichick and Mike Lombardi and Bella check son before he was a coach and they were just sitting there. Yeah just just having a beer and it's like wow there's bill belichick acting like a Black Guy. Would having a any who hi? Hello and welcome to the Dave Damasec football program. Let's get into it here. A little willie posed combine pre free agency and draft. There's a lot of Cape it's about and wouldn't you know it the face of the twenty first century? Nfl Tom Brady is in. The News. Still is just basically the way the millennium started here. And you know I've said a lot willie that I keep tweeting it out. I don't know if you've ever noticed that I keep tweeting out the last time we about Brady 'cause I think it is. It remains for all the speculation that's happened. It was exactly three months ago today at the time of this recording that you gave your insights and you shot down. My idea. O'brady should go to the chargers that makes all the sense. And you shot it down and then made a case for what why. Brady goes back to the Patriots. Yeah you did say it was a possibility. Well you you laid out an interesting scenario and son being on the East Coast and Giselle not liking the west coast that and also from a football a from a roster building standpoint. You said that it makes sense for Brady to try and see not seize control but Say let me have some say in what this offense needs in and what pieces specifically we need New England in New England that happened. Just just remember. Let's just backtrack so before the season we talked about that correct He had Antonio Brown right a guy who played for the steelers who you know really well He had Josh Gordon he had he had probably one of the best offenses in the League at the time. So I really Josh Gordon. Okay and then you had all your running back so everybody was like. Wow this is patriots going back to the Super Bowl right away. When that happened ballot check had took over the defence. The defence was the number one defense. So now you've got a balanced team on both sides of the ball. Well did the Bawku everything happened with. Ab Josh Gordon gets traded or sent away. Probably because they knew what was coming down the pipe. Now you don't have to the best players on your offense of side of the ball so now. This offense is struggling mightily. Receivers can't get on the same page. They put into kill hairy on I R. He's gone for line weeks. Eight weeks now said disaster. Now everybody said Brady doesn't have any weapons like what's going on here. They didn't give him what he would. He need it. Well they did. They did well. Everybody Brady was one of those guys right. Seemed like they had everything and if they could have kept out together and either one if either one of those guys he had played a got a shot just either one so a lot of things broke down over. The course of the season and the end result was twelve and four. Losing the first round to to the titans Well and by the way as I keep reminding you know obviously I like a dynasty I also like but the reason I like a dynasty is because it gives you the yard stick it gives you something to shoot for as I have said. Ad Nauseam now star wars stink without Darth vader while the Patriots have emerged as the NFL star vader because of all their winning and so I wonder now with if people kind of are trying to talk at into being that the Patriots like you said. They went twelve and four. They don't lose that game to the dolphins and Foxborough to see with a by. I mean by the way I think that what that sets up is either. The Patriots are chiefs in Baltimore for the AFC title game. Baltimore gun knocked off by thought. They wouldn't have got knocked off in that they would have had to play. They would've played the Texas and they would've whipped at Texans and we've ever no about Tennessee and going into Tennessee. Gordon the Baltimore. Who Picked Tennessee did you? I didn't say getty back me up. Did I at least say that? There's something about Mike Away. That somehow is going to call it. I didn't I didn't call WanNa know I wanNA know I wanNA know. You should be rich. You shouldn't even be here right now if you call it that way. You know what I call the niners win in that division so that was a good car. Well nobody else had wasn't good call. I also had the titans get into the playoffs. If Ryan Tannehill call that win between one game that could flip could easily sixty two. Yeah but I threw my Juju in that direction. See how it all worked out speaking to that. So let's start there with this brady stuff. Do you have any insights on it and updates if you talk to the guy I mean. That's my brother. Of course we talk. I try to stay away from. Hey where you going I try not to. You know we talk about family and other things. I will say there's possibilities and I know. The chargers are one of those possibilities Just because they offer what you know what you will want as a veteran guy Saying if you WANNA play two or three more years in the NFL at the quarterback position you need any things around you need protection. I think they could get a little bit better at that. But weapons are running game defense guys on the personnel. You need those things because you're not going somewhere to try to build right. You're going somewhere to try to win that. Make sense so the teams that and. I'm just speculating that I would throw into the mix order teams. I think the Patriots get the first shot at it. Just outta respect out of a relationship with Tom and Bella. Check in in in ownership the kraft family. I think the first conversation since start in Foxborough. Okay well let's talk about the Patriots to begin with because I do think that that kind of nullifies everything that would potentially happen after that is it. Is there somebody out there guys out there that makes sense for? That's the quick fix for the Patriots to make them from by the way again. Twelve and four team almost thirteen three almost outta by again. And who knows where the postseason goes? If all that if all that comes to be so it's not like they're miles away from being a super being back in the Super Bowl in eleven months from now but to make that happen. What picture to does that offense need that. Is there a name specifically? That's because I have been saying Hunter Henry but it's clear that they're going to tag him and that makes it. You would have to match that to do something to get him over. So I think the position is extremely important for the short intermediate passing routes that you know that exists within an office with Josh mcdaniels. I think of receiver when you look at it. Emmanuel Sanders is a free agent. He's a guy who thought about going to New England. I know that because I talked to him before if there was interest of course Tom Brady Heke. I would go and play with Tom. Brady Also draft. This is one of the deepest drafts out the receiver position. You can go get a receiver. A big body receiver with speed. That runs routes Now we also know they have the running backs but I think those two positions could my guess is. Obviously you know better than I. It seems to me like the way the Patriots liked to do things with mcdaniels and Brady is going. It takes some time to ramp up to that. You don't just walk in there as a super talented pass catcher air. Going to thrive with the goat. It takes a while because it was a lot of choice by the receiver right. I mean specifically game plan specific. You know and depending you know. They throw the date. The passing game depending on who they're planning against changes. I would say but over over the last few years. It's what short eight immediate so. Okay you want them to kill Harry. Last year he'll he'll be a little further ahead this year and understanding the concept playbook and all that so you got him you got out on. Healthier Elgin notably. You got the backs tied in get another receiver. Okay if if that's what you're looking for maybe a free agency then you go get a receiver in the second round or something like that. Whatever whatever the case may be but I think as far as Tom. He deserves to have those resources around him to climb. I'm surprised legitimately because when we talked about this a few months ago it is weird. Because you know you always hear about Jordan having sign off on on roster moves with the Bulls and their various examples of that. It's weird to Tom. Brady isn't more intimately involved though that we don't know the conversations. I thought that was the. The book is out of that stuff. I'm not sure I think I think he's earned the right to. I agree with you guys. And what kind of guy fits best will what they're trying to do. I think Kim Josh. Bellamy check you know we. We know Bella check runs the show football operations and all that of course. There's no question about it but I think why wouldn't you go to a guy like them? Hey what do you think about this? I exactly well a lot of the reason I thought Brady was gonNA leave was because I assume Josh mcdaniels was going to take a coaching Gig but now he stays and so he's wait now. Ballot check is that is that fair assumption. I don't know I don't think anybody's GonNa push ballot. Check out or rush into retire. I think he's too great of a coach to even talk about that. I think when he's ready he will And Josh's comfortable airs families comfortable there. He got a new deal a couple a year ago. I believe and I think the dynamic works great and it has to be a perfect situation. It's hard to leave New England and go find the way that is structured and have that same those same resources that same power same influence on what you WanNa do as a head coach in another place and you gotTa make sure. It's everything's right from top to bottom. So I think when Josh this next time around you remember. He did it before when the Denver. He understands it. A little bit more in understands what you would need to go and do that. If it's not right. Why why mess up with you have there that you know I've come. I've come kind of full circle. I'm not going to post in. Tampa Bay is interesting in. Tennessee is interesting and the chargers are interesting. But ultimately you know David Carr was in here a little while ago and we were talking about it and he said practically. Tom Brady's forty three. Obviously he's a family guy. Loves those kids and and Has An reason the love his lifestyle. Why would he want to disrupt at at this age because with the Patriots the premises? Maybe I'll show up at Otas for a day or two in the offseason. You go anywhere else. It's going to be hard to do that. Because even if it's Keenan Allen and Mike Williams he's going to have to develop chemistry and it's GonNa take a lot more wraps between now and September right. Oh problem with that. He doesn't when it comes to football and it's time to go to work and doing what he needs to do. His family has everybody's families sacrifice. You sacrifice that time with your family and friends and all that when it's time to go to work and I think that Knowing it's only four a couple more years the family would probably be okay with that to develop that chemistry. If that's something you have to do he does that anyway. He does end the off season with the receivers that are there. That's been with them forever Anyway Montana. So that's not something he's not used to doing wherever he goes. Those receivers are going to right where he is and they're gonNA throw they're going to be on the same page and they're gonNA work so whether it's in New England Tennessee L..

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