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Mean it was like really extremely the differences so and then the more i was taking the product i noticed that it started to go down and down in down so i don't know what's your blood pressure now ira well the swimming over seventy seven it had been men sixty downtown and again people like yourself everybody was really skeptical and then let me just sort of say the reason this works because there is a medical reason to it and if you go to the doctor for high blood pressure they will give you three or four kinds of medication the first they will give you as a diary in our drink high viscous is a diabetic except our high viscous retains potassium they will give you an ace inhibitor that's what the medication is in orange drink tomek greenwich us is an ace inhibitor they will give you a calcium channel blocker an orange drink magnesium there you go so we have really moore all the medications naturally drink and i think that's the medical reason it works so tell me now where you are with this project because as an entrepreneur this is an expensive undertaking to make a brand new to start a brand new category i i mean what what's the product called the website is one twenty life dot com why did you make one twenty one twenty.

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