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Name is the belief. That we ought to pay teachers what they are doing the most difficult GOP ozone back by. Bernie Sanders congressman Ron Disentis winning the Florida Republican nomination for governor Disentis has the support. Of President Trump I goal has governor is to attract a wider, variety of industries with high paying jobs so. People who are born and raised here and go to college they can end up staying. Here and working they don't even have to leave the state to have a great job on Arizona's congresswoman Martha mcsally has fended off challenges from two more conservative candidates to become the Republican nominee to fill the Senate seat from Arizona being vacated by the retirement. Of Senator Jeff flake is someone who is. Left of the Pelosi, Democrats who was a, green party activists she, protested our troops in a pink? Tutu she called the shutdown Luke air force base Accelerate. Is a former combat fighter pilot she will now face a democratic congresswoman Kristen cinema but MC Sally is not. Expected to get the endorsement of President Trump Puerto. Rico's governor is changing the official death toll from hurricane Maria to nearly three thousand in the. Wake of a new study by George Washington University cases of STD's continued to rise in. The US for the fourth straight year data from the CDC shows, the rapid rise of sexually transmitted diseases in. The US nearly two point three million Americans were diagnosed with an s. t. d. last. Year breaking the record set the year before experts say the rise is fueled by less frequent condom use an s. t. d. testing health officials are particularly concerned by the sixty seven percent rise in cases of gonorrhea since two thousand thirteen and stay the disease. Could soon become resistant to all current antibiotics. I'm Michelle Harbin Roseman, Trump announcing that the US Canada Mexico will host. The World Cup in two thousand twenty six Mexico. Involved and have a great. Partnership and it's going to be very special I. Look forward to it, nobody would dare I. News time. Seven thirty four here's Steve Courtney sports Richard in Kansas City last night the Tigers could not solve Royal. Starter Jacob Junius six, hits in his first major league complete game royals when. It six two they wrap up the two-game set to fifteen this afternoon earlier this week, just seems like yesterday we were talking about the lion signing the. Veteran offensive and Robert. Ayers, did not have an impact with the club he was released yesterday. Meanwhile alliance getting. Set for the Browns preseason finale seven o'clock tomorrow. Night beautiful port. Field our countdown getting. Underway at four here on lions radio. Just reminder couple nights from, now Mark dantonio. The Spartans get things going seven o'clock kick Friday. Night beautiful Spartan stadium they've got, the, aggies, of, Utah state coming in. Our tailgate getting underway at four Steve Courtney WGN sports traffic and weather first. On the. Fives with Dana coming up almost every car on the road Today can use. Ethanol at least a little bit of ethanol is. President and nearly every, gallon of gasoline you. Find it. The pond before switching all companies we're using known carcinogens to boost the octane of gas and these chemicals. Were leaking into the, water we.

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President Trump Puerto, United States, President Trump discussed on Paul W. Smith

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