Jonathan Lemaire, Brussels, President Trump discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


Chance to do that so jonathan lemaire and his cohorts are headed off to brussels here in the next couple of days as the president goes to the nato summit put in a very interesting context giving last night's rally in montana where he ripped nato for not paying its fair share says it's the united states like a bunch of schmucks what is nato most concerned about is president trump rolls into town well as we saw those remarks at the top the show astonishing from a leader of any sort of on the president the united states but we're seeing that it reflects his views not only about nato but this unites the trade war keep does think that the united states is getting screwed by all these countries and so he's heads out for that summit that you mentioned next wednesday thursday in brussels they know that it's going to be a chance for him to attack them and then putin who's licking his chops waiting for that summit the next week he's going to be getting the love from trump's so it's the contrast between those two pictures that so concerns them and when we talked to diplomats from western countries from allied countries they say that there's no real foreign policy no real diplomacy coming from the united states because there's no coherent story it's this the president going out saying things these thought for thirty years and that now they have to that they have to counteract why it matters actually it's always says why it matters who's watching asia and president xi of china like the weakness that the west is showing that's an opening for china like most things president trump talks about these deals like it's a real estate transaction in new york city and if it's a bad deal where walking away from it but you did mention vladimir putin and what a favor this is the him being that one of his great goals sort of peel apart the w western powers alliance like nato it's that's right right the western countries especially the uk especially germany they're appalled that the summit is occurring at all and now you add in the nerve agent issue that they have in england you add in continued of russian meddling here in the united states it's an agenda where president trump is gonna be under pressure to be confrontational and we've never single seen a single sign that that's where he's headed and behind the scenes were told that the administration is giving assurances to the nato countries in to our allies but they say we don't know if you speak for the president we don't even know if he's going to say the same thing that he did last time and here on morning joe we've seen those astonishing letters that he sent ahead of time sort of rattling their cage and so next week we're going to see like a pivotal moment like when the his of the trump presidency has written the change with europe is gonna be one of the most important things that's happened and as you point out in axios say the worst fear for all nato would be for trump to say at the summit that us article five protection is contingent on those countries paying more into the deal mike allen thank you as always but especially on a friday good to see nightmare ride friday so you're going over there what's it gonna be like what's the energy going to be like giving all the president trump said even just in the last twenty four hours and so much of how president trump handles these foreign visits is about his personal report with the other leader and the reception he gets the tone was set on his first trip last spring which i was also on in riyadh where he was treated like a member like royalty and he has talked about it says how that made such an impression on him he's not going to get that on this trip the nato summit comes remember last year he did not explicitly endorse article five in his speech at only came later on we're going to have a very frosty reception at nato particularly in the he attention that g seven a few weeks ago he's then going to go on to london where he's expected to be greeted with massive protests he's not going to get a royal lavish state visit welcome there's going to be a trump baby balloon floating overhead throughout all of this and then he moves on after weekend.

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