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War were on board judy and frank managed to escape frank by shoving judy out of a porthole telling her to swim for it and then miraculously getting out of the wreckage alive himself both of them then swam for their lives judy managed to save at least four prisoners by having them hang onto her and he would be she would paddle them over to debris in the water or you know another floating device and save their lives and finally when you know everybody was safe she then allowed herself to be pulled this when they were being tracked by shocks judy was barking at them but that was a different occasion that was when she was first rescued by george i see i should've she barks at charts she barks at anything japanese charge anything threatening her ability to sense danger was unparalleled and obviously in a war that's what you need in this case she made it back to singapore survivors of the record brought to singapore for holding she and franken were brought back separately and frank really thought you know he had seen the last of judy they went both to this temporary camp called the river valley prison camp judy arrived i and waited for laurie and then when franken decamp with his head held low she jumped on him from behind they had a very tearful reunion astonished that both were still alive and back together again now preposterous no way you'd accept this hollywood movie how frank is going to get judy out of river valley given the conditions of war this is now one thousand nine hundred forty four the japanese order all these prisoners collected up and they're going to take them sumatra for slave labor they've decided to you use the slave labor rather than just pen them up the slave labor to death is the presumption here how does frank gets judy all the way to the extremely bad condition said pack on borrow.

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