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Oh it gets better. What about the critically acclaimed film Merrill Strip again wishes she was in called Scooby Doo and the alien invaders? We're scooby has sold misery involving. You guessed it. What do you think Alien Super Advanced Tech in scooby? He defeated all of them and then even befriended them. At the end that was crazy. You took on aliens with Alien Tech Not a problem Oh my favorite one in Scooby Doo in the legend of the Vampire Scooby booby and the gang take on a giant and demonic super-powerful vampire named the Yahoo Yahoo. Just WanNa look like the gang was about to be destroyed by Yahoo Yahoo that's his name and his ability to control the legitimacy control wind and fire. He's a giant vampire that can fly scooby somehow was able to reflect light from the sun during the sunrise off of his dog collar directly into the vampire yowl Yahoo and completely destroyed them scooby scooby. Did that Michael Myers. y'All Yahoo who can control weather weather is super giant flying vampire wonder which one's worth my and then get this these and then they're scooby Doo and the witches ghost where a which from sixteen hundreds is resurrected and hell bent on destroying the world the world ray and she had scooby target is being among the first victims but even a SUV super powerful which couldn't harm Scooby Doo he got away Scot free and they destroyed destroyed the witch in the end if super powerful vampires aliens with advanced tech zombies and where cats and crazy which is bent on world domination and destruction couldn't hurt Scooby Doo what chance does disturbed William Shatner mask-wearing human armed with a knife going to have against them and that's my point number one. I may as well just leave the room with James. This is the most passionate I've seen you in the history of who would win. What are this is such ludicrous nonsense events that you're viewing right now the first off to Scooby Doo fight all these people single handedly or did he have a team with them the entire time this way as he had a team at certain points in each of the films it was it was him against the threats at one point now? I'm not saying even he defeated defeat the out whatever that's what age enemies totally vampire by himself accidentally we'll get into later all the other threats he did at one point to take them on by himself or escape from them and he did. He doesn't even need a band-aid. What's on scooby? Doo got a band-aid anything. He never has raised a cane cartoon sanders and practices often. Don't allow giant spurts.

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