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That if you ever to move a for fifty kilometres for one hour you probably better used car or if you have to transport something off if you ever some physical parliament work okay. But if we imagine that today you have the right to use more than before. They can't use. Bobby tasks that match. We should imagine that if you're young if you will the physical condition if you just need to work on a ride for three five kilometers we have to push you to move by Walker to move by by by scooter not Kutai streets. That is part of our strategy. We don't have the same rule for everybody. Maybe we can't oblige people but we have to kit conditioner to walk ride for people that. Leave the three five subway station far for work. Now you've made the commitment to over some thirty five kilometers of St for walking pedestrians. How dramatically is going to change? Milan is the center of the city in effect. Going to become car free well. The city centre Milan was supposed to be quite caffeine. Because we have a congestion charge from one decayed juice traffic. We doubled the pedestrian area in the last five years or so we were working on this direction but our main stage. It was the idea that the you reach the city centre by transport but we are a little weaker on that cycle lacey stem and that is the power of job. We want to do this summer. Especially over the subway lines to give a physically the idea that is their preferred tarrant. Maybe not the only one but the preferred and when you speak to other counselors is amazing. The oldest decision making has been able to take place during the pandemic other counselors and other people in the city. Is there a sense that these changes are going to be permanent or is this trying things out for the summer and autumn as we see how the pandemic plays out? Well I think that when you start sustainability it's out to come back. Luckily so bike lease now they are just beatty. Did they would be just painted. We will make a better job. Sir Your by to make them permanent and safer. Probably on the table Sephora restaurant bar. It's a some solution because during winter you can't stay out in the same way and probably because my opinion this summer it's better to put a table even where it wouldn't be allowed usually dent wherever table less a month by month. We will see and we hoped when they will forget about Colvin's and Tommy here. At Monaco. Milan is a really important city for a company. Like is you. We come group several times a year for the furniture for the fashion. Similan has this magnet effect that pulls in people from all around the world. The trade for business industry going forward. Do you think that is going be less important to Milan? You will become more a city for Milanesi for people from Lamberti that you will be less of an outward looking city and this environment of you know walkability and it's about neighborhoods and things that is going to be a new version of Milan. A people in the city council wondering what the future of Milan should be as a city on a global stage. It's a good question I it's not just meander but it's a good question for every city I ister. We have to defend our economy at the moment. And so they citizens of Milan and law the either for mundane alive last ramp abayas shops except that we are imagine especially a policy around our barrels. The idea that every citizen should ever every savvy at fifteen minutes walking distance and they should also help the local economy to survive so they are full of restaurants in the area and if they want if they can awfully they will help them to maintain live. These could be helpful even for future because for example two is businessman coming to town. They don't use that match so if they will find more worker bike addicted cities them before it's easier twelve new tourist insider even before we have to be ready. When people will be allowed to travel again they would want to travel again. We also imaging out. Can WE RE plan design and fashion week at the two main moment of our city as a connection with the world while they're extraordinary times. Thank you so much for joining us. It's fascinating program. Does very final thought other cities contacting you now as they see the program. You're doing because you've had huge success. Everson's Expo was in Milan charting a different course your city other cities in Italy and around. You're asking you how you're delivering this kind of change around mobility at the moment between us because they think we said that our actions that we published city strategy for the POSCO VIDA on our website because citizens again send us a suggestion proposal. La even complaining because nobody knows what will happen so we want to debate by citizens. Many cities asked about strategy and the many international cities infected. We will publish an English version of the documentary because many of the cities are asking and Milan started before. So we have a few days of work more than the other cities. Pier Francesco Morandi Urbanism and Greenery Council at Milan City Hall was speaking to Mongols Andrew. Tuck and you can hear the full interview on this week's episode of the urban primarily today at twenty hundred London Time writer on monocle twenty four. Ubs has over nine hundred investment analysts from over one hundred different countries.

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