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Kelly with two talking politics and i am here with lee custodio who is running for congress in the utah i distract handy high tally i wanna thank you for having me on your show name off of just wanna say thank you guys for taking that momentum in the women's march and turning into something positive that creates awareness for all of us with regards to politics thank you for having the show appreciate it so let's start there useful first question to me little bit about your background why running compass grima forty one year old hispanic that lives in in utah foreign raised here i you know i worked hard as a child and in fills cornfields cherry trees and you know that motivated me a lot to to try to get an education i received my bachelors and my masters social on the university of utah i'm clinical social worker for utah state hospital and i have an opportunity to work with the severely mentally ill here in utah or county jails from salt lake all the way up north since northern parts of utah i am a father of one adopted son and a foster son as well and i have a dog named pancho incident let's talk a little bit about the first strict of utah so this is like the the top of utah in sort of a weird looking district but it of mir's like the top of the two parts of utah there if there has been him gerrymandering and it goes from human to shame all the way to up at park city and encompasses keys phil davis king county all the way to cash rich box elder and all the way of top and kinda scoops down to un to do shane kanis and it's a great district sliven i was born and raised here and people here are amazing and i'm excited to to be traces the democratic candidate the incumbent is republican and he's been in office since i think two dozen to and i i looked back to find when the last time was democrat in this seat and it looks like it was around the time you were born so he was he actually took office in two thousand three and the last time there was a democrat which it has there has been historically democrats that have helped the seat in district one but the last one was in nineteen eighty one and that was representative mckay and we are turning the seat mentally blue but i want it to be read as well i wanted to represent all the colors of anybody in district one fills in compass is their beliefs their desires and their their right to be to i don't want to just represent democrats they wanna represent everybody i have come from a family of many republicans and i know that there's a lot of common ground between us and that divide is not have to consist of not working together on things where there's common solutions with add mind i wanna represent everybody i acknowledge that our congressman bishop has been in in his seat for a long time he has a career politician and before that he was a lobbyist for believe of nra and and he have really had lost his way he is bought and purchased by oil and gas his decisions that are made you free volve around that industry and i think that the people here in utah and especially in district one are tired of a congressman who continually ignored their phone calls continually or the request to propose different types of legislation and i think that's the election this november is getting reflect that that we have a constituent base that is tired of this congressman ignoring what it is that utahns want and knowing what it is that true utah values are and i can tell you the truth utah values are not taking kids out of their parents arms when they're trying to seek asylum your your website reflect some of of what you're saying it's utah's for everybody dot com which i love but i'm when if you could talk about some of those some of.

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