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His pocket wire and attractive girl has to be prepared for any eventuality where's my mad money in mapa leash wichel was moore don't call the police remember get to the movie the founder very least you're on the job aren't they sell it away you ashraf mountain while i finish packing my pairs you bet hello oh my goodness sydney tuttle who isn't it uh wrong number leila sorry wrong number i oh for you nobody here but the name of affiliate all right is re why did you go information we go mountain tell him to hang up we okay sydney leader says for you to hang up the all wrought morton rob morton movie hung up on me he thinks he's pretty clever of a big porpoise i did a figure of some way to keep him away from leila saying says grace whatever happened to that my fellow who used to call on you saw fat more yes the water commissioner with the big cigars oh i think he's interested in some other girl really really oh i'm sorry to hear their my should you be vsign well i just hate to see my own sister lose out i hate to see another girl take your boyfriend and i haven't given at a moment's thought trapped morton doesn't mean that much to me and i'm not the least bit interested in is girls coalition her name is leila ransom she's an attractive blonde widow from with deep so i saw her on the street the other day she must be quite a girl how old is she well it isn't how old years it's how young she looks he found getty to me he probably died their hair run or what you does virtues of honey you're a smart schoolteacher since but you ought to take a few lessons from lima before school's out i have no intention of competing weather course i hate to see a nice man like morton being taken in by the wiles of a woman like mrs ransom would be nice if you could save him what time he leaves the water department every afternoon five o'clock.

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