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On CBS as the midshipmen were victorious over the black knights at today's army navy game winning thirty one to seven and it was a good day for the many senior quarterback hesitation to I was just part of it a past Napoleon McCallum to set navy single season rushing mark that mark said in nineteen eighty three for the second time in just over a week correspondent Paula Hancocks reports North Korea says it's conducted another test of the missile launch site this is the so Hey a satellite launching grind is a missile launching site it is the one that president Donald Trump had said they came down and back in Singapore when they met had promised him that he would shut down and that was satellite imagery proving that he was dismantling this area but then only at this year there was also satellite imagery proving that he was being rebuilt once again Tennessee pastor Ronnie Gordan a convicted child sex abuser who was sentenced to thirty eight years in prison yesterday now faces trials involving two other teenagers who accuse him of rape one of whom was twelve at the time and in New Orleans former Roman Catholic Church deacon George breakneck has been charged with raping an older boy nearly forty years ago breakneck was defrocked as a deacon thirty one years ago after a child accused him of fondling him there were other claims as well one hundred seven Jewish graves desecrated in France early this month correspondent Melissa bell on the search for the perpetrators a source close to the investigation says that the locals are believed to be responsible locals who may have been cited by global.

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